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SJHH / Patients & Visitors/ Patient, Family, & Community Engagement/ Patient Advisory Council

SJHH Corporate Patient & Family Advisory Council

Who We Are

Through collaboration on our Patient & Family Advisory Council and its associated committees, our patients use their perspective to shape policy, care and most importantly, patient experience.

  • We are a devoted group of people who have the desire to improve the experience of healthcare services at St. Joseph’s.
  • We are made up of Patient and Family Advisors and Staff

What We Do

  • We shape the design, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services and programs at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.
  • Ultimately, we aim improve care at St. Joseph’s by sharing the unique perspective of a patient or family member.

Our Accomplishments

We’ve designed healthcare spaces.

  • Influenced the redevelopment of the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to minimize the impact on families visiting critically ill loved ones.

We’ve shaped policy.

  • Developed new Visitor Policy that is revised from a patient perspective.

We’ve improved process.

  • Involved in pilot projects including evaluating the Patient Mindfulness Therapy Program and developing a Patient Discharge Checklist.

We’re advocates.

  • Developed an Anti-bullying Campaign.

We’ve improved communication.

  • Improved communication through feedback software with Cancer Care Ontario for patients with suspected lung cancer.
  • Improved patient information at ambulatory clinics.

New achievements are in progress!

How to Get Involved

Our Patient & Family Advisory Council members assist with the creation of long-term strategies and provide a patient perspective on broad issues related to improving healthcare services at SJHH. The council recruits members all year and involves a commitment of nine meetings annually (2 hours on a Monday afternoon at St. Joseph’s Charlton Campus).

If you are interested in improving quality care at St. Joseph’s by joining the Patient and Family Advisory Council, please click here and complete the form.


To submit completed applications forms or for more information, please contact:
Phone: 905.522.1155 ext. 33148


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