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SJHH / Patients & Visitors/ Patient, Family, & Community Engagement/ Accomplishments

Patient and Family Advisors Accomplishments


We've designed healthcare spaces

  • Influenced the redevelopment of the Psychiatric Emergency Space to minimize the impact on patient’s privacy.

We've shaped policies

  • Developed the Caregiver and Visitor Policy during the pandemic to support the presence of families, and others partners in care.
  • Participated in the development of the express consent policy and structure to collect patient experience feedback
  • Involved in the development of guidelines for sharing information in the Mental Health and Addiction Program

We've participated in improvement processes and programs

  • Co-designed the Essential Care Partner Program and supporting the implementation across the organization
  • Helped to develop Patient Discharge Checklist and reviewed the IDDA Framework
  • Creation of the Volunteer Liaison role who provides orientation to new admitted patients and families on the unit
  • Participated in the Accreditation Process and preparation plan including the MOCKs
  • Reviewed the Patient Declaration of Value and the alignment with the GHHN and Provincial PDoV
  • Participated in the selection of the new Patient Entertainment Model

We've improved communication

  • Engaging patients in their care through the initiation of 48 hours conversation post admission and thereafter
  • Assisting staff to find tools and strategies to improve communication with patients and families (e.g. white boards, teach back)

We are leading the enhancement of patient and family centred care

  • Enable patient and family to raise issues more easily and successfully through survey questionnaires
  • Collaborate with different areas to improve the waiting time (Pre-op Assessment Clinic, Fracture Clinic, Eye Clinic)
  • Partnering with staff in a number of Corporate Committees, Integrated Quality and Operational Committees, and working groups to improve the services and care at St. Joe's
  • Organize annual events to share successful partnership between patients, families and staff who inspire and motivate working towards better partnership and collaboration

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