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SJHH / Coronavirus

Updates on COVID-19 (formerly Coronavirus)

Snapshot of hospital activity (as of December 4, 2023, at 8:22 a.m.):

Overall Funded Acute Occupancy 103%
Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Funded Acute Occupancy  18%
Total admitted patients with COVID-19 27
# of COVID outbreaks 1

This information is updated every Monday (excluding holidays).

Are visitors, families and patients required to wear a mask?

Visitors, families and patients are encouraged to mask whenever possible. Staff can assist patients and visitors with masking as needed, however, we do not expect any HCW to enforce this.

Masks will continue to be available at hospital entrances and on units/clinics.

Patients are strongly encouraged to mask in the emergency department, Urgent Care Centre, Labour and Delivery Triage, and outpatient settings (particularly in waiting rooms). Patients can remove their mask once inside the clinic/examination room.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to mask in settings where they are in contact with patients, both in inpatient, outpatient and emergency settings (i.e. waiting rooms, patient rooms, dialysis units, urgent care centre and in the emergency department). Visitors should not visit if symptomatic.

Visitors are asked to respect patient wishes and put on a mask if requested.

Visitors, essential caregivers, and support people are not permitted to enter the hospital if they have COVID-19 symptoms. Visitors must complete the self-assessment before entering the hospital. Those who do not pass the self-assessment are asked to refrain from visiting the hospital for 10 days from onset of symptoms/positive COVID test.

Are there any instances when patients are required to wear a mask?

Patients with fever or respiratory symptoms are required to mask in all clinical and non-clinical settings (except their inpatient room/bed space), as they would have pre-pandemic. Patients are encouraged to mask when leaving their dedicated room/bedspace for their own protection.