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Essential Care Partner Program

The Essential Care Partner program ensures patients are supported by those they identify as most appropriate to provide to them the unique support they need. The ECP is a valued member of the patient care team, honoured for their work and support!

Click here to learn more about the Essential Care Partner Program.

Mental Health Support Services

Peer Support

A range of supports are offered to individuals who are currently using the services of either out inpatient or outpatient mental health and addiction services.

One-to-one peer support occurs through role modeling, listening, problem solving, facilitating access to other peer driven services within the program, and supporting transition to the community upon discharge.

Group peer support is offered through self-help or mutual aid group facilitation.

Family Resource Centre

The Family Resource Centre at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s West 5th Campus exists for family members and loved ones of an individual with lived experience of a mental health or addiction issue. Click here to find key resources to help family members or loved ones and more. Click here to view and download resources for family/caregivers of people living with mental illness or addition.

Supporting the Supporters Pamphlets

Families are an important part of a person’s recovery and well-being. The Schizophrenia & Community Integration Service (SCIS) are committed to strengthening the role of families at each step of a person’s recovery.

These brochures were developed by family members and healthcare professionals, click to download the PDF:

  1. Caregivers – How Are You?
  2. Managing Relapse
  3. Communicating with Health Care Professionals
  4. Encouraging Medication Adherence
  5. Fostering Independence
  6. Goal Setting – How To Help?

Families Matter Event

Families can be partners in care, rehabilitation, and recovery. Click here for more information.

Wellness Program

This program is available for all Patient and Family Advisors who are registered as a volunteer.

The St. Joe's Wellness Program provides learning opportunities and support for you mind, body, and spirit. All our advisors benefit from this program if they completed the volunteer registration at one of our three campuses. The contact information for the wellness program is provided by the volunteer services when the advisors complete the registration.