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SJHH / Patients & Visitors/ Patient Declaration of Values

Patient Rights, Responsibilities & Declaration of Values

At St. Joe’s we believe that Rights and Responsibilities are key in establishing a partnership and a relationship of  mutual respect and understanding with our patients, family members and partners in care. We are committed to providing patient care regardless of age, gender, race, disability, ill health, faith, culture or sexual orientation.

Patient and Family Rights and Responsibilities

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Patient Declaration of Values

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St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is committed to partnering with patients, families and caregivers to provide excellent care for all. The Patient Declaration of Values was developed in consultation and feedback from our patients and their families, our community and staff, and reflect what patients and families consider important to them when they receive care and interact with our healthcare system.

At St. Joe’s, the Patient Declaration of Values, has been in existence since 2010 as required through Ontario’s Excellent Care for All Act. Initially the declaration of values started out as a single document that included the Patient Rights and Responsibilities. Over the years, this document has undergone regular review and in 2019 the two concepts were separated out which led to the development of a standalone Patient Declaration of Values.

The most recent revision of the Patient Declaration of Value was completed in July 2023. This review included consultation with health leaders, staff, peer organizations, the Greater Hamilton Health Network (GHHN) and consideration was given to inclusion of the Ontario’s Patient Declaration of Values (PDoV).

 St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is a proud member of the Greater Hamilton Health Network (GHHN), an Ontario Health Team. Our Patient Family Care Partner Declaration of Values was developed in accordance with the Values developed by the Ministry of Health's, Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to support the alignment of patient engagement practices across the GHHN."


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