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SJHH / Patients & Visitors/ Patient, Family, & Community Engagement/ Mental Health and Addiction Program Family Advisory Council

Mental Health and Addiction Program Family Advisory Council

Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council was formed in 2012. The purpose of this council is to increase opportunities for family members to be partners in care with St. Joe's in order to improve patient and family experience and care. The council is comprised of 8-12 family members of patients (former and current) of St. Joseph's Mental Health and Addction Program in collaboration with St. Joe's staff.

The Council provides:

  • A vehicle for communication between families and staff
  • A venue for families to give input into policies and program change
  • A safe venue for families to have input where their families have been/are receiving care

Contact Information:

Family Advisory Council
Phone: 905.522.1155 ext. 35599

How to become a Family Advisor

Click here to complete the application form, or contact us using the information listed above.