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Connect Mental Health and Addiction Outpatient Programs

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COVID-19 Important Update

As a result of COVID 19, our services have been significantly impacted. St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has received approval to reintroduce outpatient services. This will occur slowly over the next weeks and months using a gradual, phased approach. Limited non-urgent and in person programming has resumed. Virtual visits both individual and group will continue to be utilized, when appropriate. In person visits are limited to patients with an essential clinical need. Services may have increased wait times due to COVID-19 impacts on staffing resources.

In order to ensure the safety of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to continue to provide care to those most in need, Connect will be implementing the following changes to service:

  1. St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton MHAP service is offering telephone support/consultations to physicians and community partners. Please call Connect with any questions or concerns and Connect will connect you with a clinician/psychiatrist, as required.
  2. Connect is completing passive COVID-19 screening over the telephone with all patients scheduled for an in person visit. If patients screen positive for exposure to COVID-19, they may be asked to reschedule their appointment or offered a phone/virtual appointment depending on patient needs.
  3. St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton is completing active COVID-19 screening at the hospital entrance with patients and visitors. Patients and visitors that screen negative and are allowed to enter the hospital for their scheduled appointments will be required to wear a procedural mask.  If a patient or visitor screens positive for exposure to COVID-19, they may be turned away from entrance to the building.

While we are looking forward to providing services to patients who require our care, we must do so in a way that recognizes the pandemic is not over. We need to ensure we have adequate supplies and physical distancing measures in place for the continued safety of staff, our patients, and our community. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work together to keep our communities safe. Recognizing that wait times will increase as a result of these changes, please ensure your patient is aware of crisis resources in your area. 

What this program does...

Connect is a centralized intake service for St. Joe’s Mental Health and Addiction outpatient programs. A team of dedicated staff and clinicians dedicated to screening and triaging referrals determine the most appropriate outpatient service for each patient and schedule a first appointment. The Mental Health and Addiction outpatient programs offer evidence-based services in anxiety disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, neurocognitive disorders, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder and emotion regulation difficulties, substance use disorders, mood difficulties related to the reproductive cycle, and dual diagnosis (combined mental health concerns and intellectual disabilities). The services are primarily offered for transition-aged youth (17-25), adults and seniors.

Connect processes referrals for the following clinics:

If you need to access another clinic, click here for a list of Mental Health and Addiction clinics at St. Joe’s.

How this program helps…

Acknowledging one needs mental health or addiction support can be hard; asking for help can be even harder. We want to make the first steps to getting help easier. Having a centralized system that allows providers to access all the available outpatient programs helps connect patients with the right care, in the right place, at the right time, so they can start their journey to recovery as quickly as possible.

Referral Process

If you are a patient:
If you are interested in accessing these programs, please contact your family physician for a referral or contact Connect for more information. The Connect intake team will take 4-6 weeks to review the referral and make a decision. Please note that St. Joe’s may collect additional health information from various sources to assess the referral and make decisions regarding your care.

If you are a provider:
Connect can receive referrals from providers electronically by email or by fax. While many Ontario hospitals are on the secure eHealth Ontario ONEMail network, most non-hospital providers are not. It is your obligation to ensure that your patient consents to transmission of their information electronically, and to determine whether email or fax is the most appropriate method for transmission of your patient’s sensitive health information. Please note the Connect intake team may take up to 4-6 weeks to review the referral and make a decision. 

To access the referral form, please see disclaimer indicated below

Disclaimer * By checking this box, I acknowledge the above noted risks of electronic communication and agree to proceed with the electronic communication of this referral form.

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Having trouble accessing the Connect Referral Form?

The Connect referral form is a fillable PDF document. Please be aware that this form will not open in Chrome or Safari as these web browsers do not support fillable PDF forms. Adobe Reader is required to have on your computer to allow you to open.

If you are having trouble opening this referral form, please follow the steps below.

1)      Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed. It can be downloaded here.

2)      If your web browser will not display the PDF file, right click on the link below and save the document to your PC. Then open the file via Adobe Reader.

Other options include:

  • Changing your Chrome browser settings to download PDFs instead of attempt to open them. Instructions found here.
  • Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader Extension to Chrome found here from the Chrome Web Store.
  • For Chrome, Firefox or Safari reference the Adobe Reader Guide on how to configure your browser to use the Adobe PDF plug-in to open online PDF files.
  • Download the flattened Connect Referral form here. Once you open the file, please print, complete by hand and fax through.


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