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SJHH / Health Services/ World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

Butterfly Release

To commemorate World Suicide Prevention Day (Sept. 10, 2017) at St. Joe’s, many individuals came together at our West 5th Campus to shine a light upon suicide awareness and prevention through a butterfly release ceremony. St. Joe’s staff, including Winnie Doyle, Executive Vice-President, Sid Stacey, Director of Administration, and Janet Young, Chaplain, touched upon this year’s theme of “Take a Minute to Change a Life.” The release of the butterflies were a symbol of hope for those who have loved ones who died by suicide, and those that have struggled to spread the message that help, hope, and healing are possible.



World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10, 2017 is World Suicide Prevention Day, an opportunity to come together to raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention. The theme this year is “Take a Minute to Change a Life,” encouraging all of us to spread the message that help, hope and healing are possible for those who are despairing, those who are grieving, and those who are supporting someone who is struggling.



With Just a Minute, I can…

The theme for World Suicide Prevention Day is “Take a Minute to Change a Life.” Members of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s Action Committee for Suicide Prevention give their thoughts on how they would respond to the With Just a Minute, I can…

With just a minute, I can…
Stop talking and listen
- Holly Raymond, Clinical Director General Psychiatry & Addiction Service


With just a minute, I can…
Let someone know they are not alone
- Yolaine Roberge, Peer Support Provider, Patient & Family Collaborative Support Services

With just a minute, I can…
Help make someone feel important
- Mary Puntillo, Director, Schizophrenia and Community Integration Service


With just a minute, I can…
Help a family member access our mental health services for their son or daughter
- Winnie Doyle, Executive Vice President, Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive


With just a minute, I can…
Show patience and compassion for what I do not understand, rather than show a moment of anger toward those in despair, hopefully to save them, and, to save me from a hundred moments of regret
- Gloria Wade, Patient and Family Advisory Group member


With just a minute, I can…
Really feel myself stand on the ground, my feet supported from underneath by the earth, connected to a big world, my world
- Peter Bieling, Director Mood and Anxiety Services, Seniors Mental Health Services, and Quality and Evaluation (Mental Health and Addiction)


With just a minute, I can…
Offer a smile and a compliment to try and brighten someone's day and a hug when appropriate and a listening ear and show someone I care 
- Jane Ross Patient and Family Advisory Group member


With just a minute, I can…
Listen without judgement
- Lisa Burckell, Psychologist


With just a minute, I can…
Hold the hope for someone who has temporarily lost theirs
- Larisa Volman, Director of Nursing Practice, Mental Health and Addiction


With just a minute, I can…
Ask the questions, that start a conversation, that can help a person see their reasons to live
- Karen Albert, Acting Nurse Manager, Mental Health and Addiction


With just a minute, I can…
Be open to talking about suicide with others.  Secrecy and shame make us reluctant to talk about suicide.  We need to reduce the stigma about suicide to save lives
- Jennifer Brasch, Psychiatrist


With just a minute, I can...
Open the door to a conversation and ask how are you coping today?
- Yelena Potts, Quality, Planning & Performance Improvement Program


With just a minute, I can...
Share hope as an alternative
- Peter Cook, Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Mental Health and Addiction Program


With just a minute, I can…
Share with someone how courageous / talented / insightful / caring / dedicated / thoughtful / intelligent / inspiring they are to me
- Jennifer Olarte-Godoy, Nurse Educator, Mental Health Nursing Resource Team


If you, or a loved one is seeking help or support, call/click the resources below:

Youth Wellness Centre
905-522-1155 ext. 31725

COAST (Crisis Outreach and Support Team)

Barrett Centre

Contact Hamilton

Salvation Army Suicide Crisis Line

Telecare Burlington

Distress Centre of Hamilton

Kids Help Phone

Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention


Are You in Crisis?

Help is available. If you are in Hamilton:

  • Go to the Emergency Department at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Charlton Campus and tell the doctor if you are having thoughts of suicide.
  • Call the Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) at 905-972-8338 or online at
  • Call the Salvation Army Crisis Line at 1-855-294-HOPE or online at
  • In an emergency, call  9-1-1.

Across Canada, you can find a crisis centre
Sharing Hope & Resiliency

There are many on-line websites with information and support about suicide prevention.  The websites listed here can guide you to many more resources. Please note that these links are provided for information purposes only and St. Joe’s is not responsible for their content.