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SJHH / Health Services/ World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10, 2022 is World Suicide Prevention Day, an opportunity to raise awareness about suicide and how to support those who may be struggling, honour survivors and remember those who have died from suicide.

The 2022 World Suicide Prevention Day theme is “Creating Hope Through Action.” Through this year’s theme, we aim to work together to create a movement of preventative action, to recognize the impact of suicide and share resources and supports for those who are struggling. At times, the work of suicide prevention can feel overwhelming, but even small actions can make a huge difference.

Suicide occurs across all age, economic, social, ability, racial, gender and ethnic boundaries. Suicides can be difficult to understand, especially when we are unaware a person is struggling. There is no one universal sign that a person may be struggling with their mental health or suicide. As many in our community continue to face mental health and addiction challenges that arose or escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever we need to encourage awareness, reduce stigma, and provide support. Suicide is complex and we do not have all the answers. However, we know that effective treatments and support options that provide hope are available.

Join St. Joe’s Mental Health and Addictions Program in recognizing World Suicide Prevention Day by promoting awareness, increasing access to resources, and learning how to support loved ones who are struggling.

Ways to help a loved one who may be struggling:

Here’s how you can get involved:

Support and Resources

If you, or a loved one is seeking help or support, call/click the resources below:

Are You in Crisis?

Help is available. If you are in Hamilton:

  • Go to the Emergency Department at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Charlton Campus (50 Charlton Ave. E.) and tell the doctor if you are having thoughts of suicide.
  • Call the Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) at 905-972-8338 or online at
  • Call the Salvation Army Crisis Line at 1-855-294-HOPE or online at
  • In an emergency, call  9-1-1.

Across Canada, you can find a crisis centre:

There are many websites with information and support about suicide. The websites listed above can guide you to many more resources. Please note that these links are provided for information purposes only and St. Joe’s is not responsible for their content.