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Seniors Mental Health Behavioural Inpatient Program

What this program does...

We provide specialized service and treatment in a safe, compassionate, caring environment for individuals who have behaviours related to a diagnosis of dementia. Within St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) we provide service to the regions of Niagara, Brant and Halton, Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN) 4.

The goal of the program is that clients return to an appropriate care setting within their home community after assessment and development of a treatment plan.

How this program helps...

The staff of the Seniors Mental Health Behavioural Program provides specialized round the clock client care and assessment. We endeavour to recognize and honour the individuality of each client and to promote and enhance their capabilities.  As partners in care, we want to assist you in understanding treatment and care options, as we recognize that families are a valuable source of information for staff in getting to know our clients.

We recognize the importance of family in the work we do with our clients and the need to provide them with proper educational tools and emotional support.  We encourage families to learn as much as they can through research (see useful links below) and through attending care conferences. We recognize the impact of illness on the family and encourage your participation in family support groups and educational workshops.

Our team meets regularly to review and discuss each individual’s care.  Treatment involves a team approach in which a number of health care professionals work with your family member to customize his/her own care plan.

Assessments are conducted through the administration of formal tests/tools as well as through daily participation in therapies.  For most clients, this could involve a total of two to three hours per day of structured time with various clinicians.

Your Care Team

Director - Dr. Peter Bieling
Head of Service - Dr. Maxine Lewis
Manager - Shelley Wright
Geriatrician - Dr. M. Peat
Geriatric Psychiatrist - Dr. J. Crowson
Charge Nurse - Sandra Forster
Social Worker - Eric Van Raay
Recreation Therapists                     
Occupational Therapist                  
Rehabilitation Therapist                 
Speech & Language Pathologist     
Clinical Dietician                            
Spiritual Care Advisor


Seniors Mental Health Behavioural Program, Harbour North
St. Joseph's West 5th Campus
100 West 5th Street
Hamilton, Ontario  L8N 3K7
Phone:  905-522-1155, Ext. 36202
Fax:  905-381-5617

Referral Process

There is a joint referral process with the Seniors Mental Health Behavioural Program & St. Peter’s Behavioural Health. Criteria for referral are individuals who have a dementia, as well as behavioural disturbance and cannot be managed appropriately in their current residence.

Please fax the Referral for Seniors Mental Health, West 5th Campus along with supporting documentation (Cohen Mansfield, consult notes, progress notes, medication lists, CCAC Behavioural Assessment Form, etc) to:

West 5th Campus Central Intake Fax: 905-381-5620

Preparing for Your Visit

Eric Van Raay, SW @ 905-522-1155, Ext. 36848 to arrange a pre-admission tour.


  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, nail clippers, brush, denture cleaner & adhesive
  • Hearing aids & replacement batteries (labeled with name)
  • Eye glasses (labeled with name)
  • Dentures (labeled with name)
  • Electric razor or disposable razor & shaving cream
  • Any personal equipment that your family member was using prior to their admission (e.g. personal wheelchair, walker, cane, compression stockings, CPAP)
  • Good supportive shoes and slippers that fit (low heeled, non-slip soles, closed toes and heels)
  • Immunization record and health card
  • Several changes of comfortable clothing:
    • 10 sets of track pants & sweatshirts (comfortable & loose fitting clothing with wider necks for ease of dressing)
    • Pants with elastic waist bands
    • Soft, warm, stretchy socks which do not cut off circulation
    • Modest pajamas, nightgowns
    • Clothing that opens at the back is recommended when flexibility, mobility and care are important issues (possibly   clothing from Silverts or Buck & Buck, who specialize in clothing for older adults)

Do NOT bring:

  • Turtleneck sweaters
  • Jeans
  • Dress pants
  • Sports Bras
  • Aftershaves or perfumes
  • Open shoes, sandals or high heels

We ask that you do not bring any valuables with you as the hospital cannot be responsible for lost or stolen personal items. 

Maps & Directions

St. Joseph's West 5th Campus
Seniors Mental Health Behavioural Program
Harbour North Unit
100 West 5th Street
Hamilton, Ontario  L8N 3K7

Enter via Main Entrance
Level 1, Harbour North

Click here for directions to the West 5th Campus.

After Your Visit

Once the behavioural assessment is complete and the clinical team feels that the client is ready for discharge, the team will meet with the family to discuss appropriate discharge locations.  The client may also be referred to supportive outpatient programs such as Behavioural Supports of Ontario, Psychogeriatric Resource Consultants, or the Outreach Seniors Mental Health Team, to assist in the discharge.  Once the discharge location and date has been arranged, the clinical team will compile the clients care plan and assessment reports from all clinical team members.  This care package will accompany the client to wherever that discharge location may be.  On the day of discharge, members from the clinical team (nursing and social work) will accompany the client to their discharge location, and meet with receiving staff members as well as supportive community partners to review the care plan and care strategies.  Residence staff and family members are always welcome to call the clinical team at Seniors Mental Health Behavioural Program if they need assistance or guidance after the discharge has occurred.

Additional Resources

Please visit the following useful sites for more information:

Halton Geriatric Mental Health Outreach Program

Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health

Geriatric Nurses Association Hamilton Chapter

Putting the P.I.E.C.E.S together

Living With Dementia

Regional Geriatric Program Central Hamilton

RNAO Best Practice Guidelines

Alzheimer’s Society serving Brant, Haldimand, Norfolk, Hamilton, Halton

Alzheimer Knowledge Exchange Resource Centre