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Our Executive Team

A Message from Leadership

For more than 135 years, St. Joe’s has held a special place in the lives of Hamiltonians and those that come to us for care when they need it most.  Our deep connection to the community and mission to serve is based on the work of the Sisters’ of St. Joseph’s who have entrusted to us to carry on their legacy of caring for generations to come.

This is why we are thankful to you, our patients, caregivers and families who seek care at St. Joe’s.

We are also grateful to our healthcare workers – the doctors, nurses, professional staff, allied health professionals, administrative and support staff – for choosing to work, learn and grow here at St. Joe’s.

We will never take for granted the trust you place in us as your care provider, your employer, and your health system. 

It is this trust and our mission to provide accessible, equitable care to each and every member of our community that drives the more than 5,000 proud St. Joe’s healthcare workers to be here for you when you need it most.

As hospitals emerge out of the pandemic, we have learned so much about our community and ourselves. We know that our community is growing in number, that it is home to one of Ontario’s most diverse populations, and that we serve some of the most vulnerable patients in the province. We learned from the pandemic that people need us not only to be there today as a hospital but to build a health system of the future that allows patients to seamlessly access care. That’s why we are embarking on a bold future to strengthen our acute care hospital and mental health programs, to better integrate our services with primary care, home care and long-term care, to advance research and education so the world can learn from Hamilton, to invest in new infrastructure so you are cared for in modern facilities and, most importantly, to support and develop our greatest asset, our people.

Our goal at St. Joe’s is to be always be here for you when you need us most. If you have a comment, a concern, or a suggestion, please reach out.  If you are seeking employment, we’d love to have you.  It is only through direct contact and respectful feedback and conversations that we can improve.

Thank you for your trust.  We are here.  For you.


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Executive Team Members

Ms. Elizabeth Buller

Dr. Michael Heenan
Dr. Cheryl Williams
Executive Vice President Clinical Operations and Chief Nursing Executive
Mr. John Aldis
Senior Vice President Finance and Corporate Services

Dr. Sarah Jarmain
Chief of Staff and Vice President Medical and Academic Affairs

Dr. Azim Gangji
Vice President Education 

Dr. Lehana Thabane
Vice President Research 

Mr. Rick Badzioch
Vice President Clinical Programs 

Ms. Carrie Fletcher
Vice President People, Culture and Diversity

Ms. Tara Coxon
Vice President and Chief Information Officer 

Ms. Karen Langstaff
Chief Facility Planning and Patient Support Services

Ms. Franca Vavaroutsos
Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Agnes Bongers
Chief Communications Officer