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Our Alumni

We would like to thank and recognize previous presidents that, over the years, have contributed great service to the association and it's members.

2018     Dr. Gregory Rutledge
2017     Dr. Anil Kapoor
2016     Dr. Julie Lajoie
2015     Dr. Cyndie Horner 
2014     Dr. Rebecca Amer
2013     Dr. Gary Chaimowitz
2012     Dr. Tamar Packer
2011     Dr. Carys Massarella
2010     Dr. David Woods
2009     Dr. Monali Misra
2008     Dr. James McChesney
2007     Dr. Allan Kitching
2006     Dr. Ved Tandan
2005     Dr. Paul Jackson
2004     Dr. Irene Patelis-Siotis
2003     Dr. Hugh Fuller
2002     Dr. Richard Zizzo
2001     Dr. Mehran Anvari
2000     Dr. Stuart Archibald

1999     Dr. Alezandre Dauphin
1998     Dr. Christopher Allen
1997     Dr. Michael Achong
1996     Dr. Bernard Wolos
1995     Dr. Julian Dobranowski
1994     Dr. Angelo Zizzo
1993     Dr. Lorne Finkelstein
1992     Dr. Rossano Allega
1991     Dr. James E.M. Young
1990     Dr. Garth Noad

1989     Dr. Lawrence Kobetz
1988     Dr. Casilda McKinley
1987     Dr. Stewart Pugsley
1986     Dr. Brian Hutchison
1985     Dr. Mahmoud Ali
1984     Dr. Loreno Lorenzi
1983     Dr. Donald Rosenthal
1982     Dr. Nicholas Rizzo
1981     Dr. Robert F. Martin
1980     Dr. Angelo Zizzo