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St. Joseph's Hamilton Joint Boards of Governors

Message from Ms. Lynn McNeil, Chair of the St. Joseph's Hamilton Joint Boards of Governors

On behalf of the St. Joseph’s Joint Boards of Governors (JBG), I welcome you to St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. We are grounded in the work of the Sisters of St. Joseph, who for over 130 years have built a healthcare system directed at those most in need of care, based on a mission of service and infused with values of dignity, respect, service, justice, responsibility and enquiry.

That foundation lives on today among our healthcare workers and leadership, who show their dedication to our mission and values by providing innovative and compassionate care to our patients every day. This has been so evident throughout the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. Our leaders and healthcare workers have stood strong, managing through the uncertainty and rapidly changing environment, providing new models of care, embracing virtual care and adapting practices to ensure continuity of care for our patients. Our leaders forged partnerships across the city and region to join in efforts to care for our community through testing, supporting congregate living settings, vaccination and the establishment of temporary facilities to provide additional beds to manage pressures on patient flow. For many at St. Joe’s, this time has been extremely difficult and exhausting yet they have answered the call to work where the need was greatest, showing courage, dedication, compassion, and professionalism.

Our community, too, has suffered through the Pandemic, and moving forward, St. Joe’s will focus its attention on recovery planning to address the needs of those patients waiting for care during this extended time. While there are still many challenges ahead, we are excited by the prospect of what St. Joe’s will accomplish in the future. Our ability to embrace new technologies and translate our groundbreaking research into life-saving clinical care will keep St. Joe’s at the forefront of providing quality care to our patients.

Despite the challenges of the past 18 months, the team at St. Joseph’s has continued to accomplish many of our strategic goals in areas including partnerships, innovation and new technology, and patient care – all necessary advancements which have also helped us manage through the Pandemic. We are now in the process of refreshing our Strategic Plan by taking the learnings from this extraordinary time to put a new lens on the future state of our healthcare system. The refresh will include a focus on supporting the wellbeing of our healthcare workers throughout the recovery and into the future.   We have also prioritized Equity, Diversity and Inclusion so that all of our healthcare workers, patients, families and our community can wholly be themselves and experience inclusion and equity at St. Joe’s today and in the future.

Working with our partners and remaining Committed to Excellence, Dedicated to Discovery, St. Joseph’s will continue to be a leader in innovation, education and research, and the delivery of quality, compassionate care as we continue to serve our patients and our community.