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Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Specialty Clinics

COVID-19 Update

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is beginning to reintroduce surgical and outpatient services slowly using a gradual, phased approach.  Some individuals, based on the severity of their condition and care needs, are being scheduled for procedures and treatments.

If you are a patient, your care team will contact you with more information when you are rebooked or booked for your treatment.

Please come alone to your appointment to help us ensure physical distancing and to allow for patients to come to clinics safely. In special circumstances, the Manager may approve a support person to accompany a patient to Outpatient clinic appointments. Any exception to the visitor restrictions must be approved by the unit or clinic manager.

Click here for more information about the gradual reintroduction of visitors to inpatient areas.

If you have concerns, please call your family physician. If there is an emergency, please call 911 and go the hospital immediately. If you have an urgent issue, please go to an urgent care centre. If this is a mental health emergency, call 9-1-1, the Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) at 905.972.8338 or online at; go to your nearest hospital Emergency Department. St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has Emergency Psychiatry Services at 50 Charlton Avenue East, Hamilton.

We are doing our best to serve all patients as quickly as possible, while ensuring the safety of our staff, patients and community. Thank you for your continued patience.

Click here for more information about your appointment and the reintroduction of services.

What this program does...

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Specialty Clinics were developed by WSIB to assist workers with complex injuries and are experiencing difficulties with return to work and with functional recovery.

The WSIB Specialty Clinic at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton provides these services to those individuals with mental health difficulties, musculoskeletal (MSK) and neurological conditions caused by workplace injuries.

How this program helps...

The WSIB Specialty Clinic identifies ways injured workers can overcome any barriers preventing them from returning to work by providing treatment and assessment recommendations for workers. The worker’s WSIB case manager or nurse case manager will incorporate the recommendations into a comprehensive return-to-work strategy and may also refer the worker to St. Joe’s for treatment. The goal is to help those with work-related injuries and/or mental health difficulties return to work safely and without interfering with their recovery.

Your Care Team

Mental Health Program
- Psychiatrist
- Psychologist
- Social Worker
Musculoskeletal/Neurology Program
- Orthopaedic Surgeon
- Physiatrist
- Neurologist
- Pain Specialist
- Occupational Therapist
- Physiotherapist


Referral Process

The WSIB Specialty Clinic only accepts referrals from WSIB case managers or nurse case managers.

If you are a family physician seeking WSIB Specialty Clinic Services, please contact your patient’s case manager to coordinate the referral to our clinic.

Preparing for Your Visit

Please bring the following with you to your examination:
1. Number and address of your family physician and/or treating therapist
2. List of medications
3. Glasses for reading, if required.

For Physical Assessments also bring
1. Imaging (e.g. x-rays, MRI, CT) that you have had completed in the last year on CD (paper report is not sufficient)
2. Aids or adaptations that you have been using since the accident (e.g. wrist splint, knee brace or back support.

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and running shoes to assist in your ability to fully participate in the examination. Although we ask that you wear loose and comfortable clothing, depending on your area of injury, you may be asked that you wear a hospital gown.
If you require assistance with transportation please contact the WSIB travel department 1-877-220-2297.

Maps & Directions

• Enter through the Outpatient Entrance on Level O
• Enter through the Diagnostic Imaging doors (located on the right, across from Tim Hortons)
• Follow the signs for WSIB Specialty Clinic
• Register at the front desk

After your visit

After your visit you will review the results with the assessment team. You will also receive a Summary Report outlining the recommendations that you can share with your Family Physician.


WSIB - Specialty Clinic
St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton | West 5thCampus
100 West 5th Street, Hamilton, ON L8N 3K7
Phone: 905-522-1155 | Ext. 39615
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