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SJHH / Health Services/ Outpatient Services/ Bariatric Medical Weight Management Clinic

Bariatric Medical Weight Management Clinic

What this program does...

The Bariatric Medical Weight Management Clinic is a hospital-based outpatient program designed to help you reach your health and weight goals. We work as a team to help you learn and practice the skills to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What does “bariatric” mean?

The term “bariatric” comes from the Greek words “baro” and “iatric”. Together they mean “weight treatment”.

To learn more about the Bariatric Surgery Program at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, click here

How this program helps...

Our focus is to help patients achieve medically acceptable weight loss in order to improve their co-morbidities and quality of life. Our program focuses on helping patients achieve a healthier state of wellness by providing knowledge and life skills to change their eating and coping behaviours, and develop alternative lifestyles that promote healthy eating, physical activity, and healthy living.

Your Care Team...

Your care team will be composed of Internal Medicine Physicians, a Nurse Practitioner, Registered Dietitian, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, Registered Practical Nurses, Psychologist, Clerks and our Program Manager. 


Level 0, Block C
Frank Charles Miller, Medical Outpatient Clinic
St. Joseph’s Healthcare West 5th Campus
100 West 5th Street
Hamilton, ON  L8N 3K7

Telephone: (905) 522-1155  Ext. 33240

Referral Process

You may be referred to the Bariatric Medical Weight Management Clinic if you have:

  • 18 years of age and older (allow referrals at age ≥ 17.5 years)
  • BMI greater than, or equal to 35
  • BMI greater than or equal to 30, but less than 35. With at least one of the following comorbidities (as determined by your physician):

Complicated Type II diabetes mellitus
Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
Poorly controlled hypertension

  • If you have had bariatric surgery outside of Ontario or Canada (funded by the MOHLTC) with complications, i.e. requiring post op care
  • If you have had bariatric surgery outside of Ontario or Canada (funded and not funded by MOHLTC) with weight related issues, i.e. weight regain

Potential exclusion criteria to be assessed individually include:

  • If you have previously completed a Medical Weight Management Program funded by OHIP
  • If you have a major surgery booked to take place during the program
  • If you are undergoing active cancer treatment
  • If you have potential for fluid and electrolyte issues (e.g. renal and cardiac failure)
  • If you cannot make a commitment to a full program
  • If you are unable to comprehend or comply with diet and counselling

Your family doctor or Nurse Practitioner will need to refer you to the Bariatric Medical Weight Management Clinic via an online referral through the Ontario Bariatric Registry website at

Preparing for Your Visit

For your first visit, you will attend an orientation where you will learn more about our programs. If you are interested in continuing, you will get an appointment to meet with the doctor or nurse practitioner for your initial assessment. At this visit, you will have a general physical exam and be given a form for blood tests. The doctor or nurse practitioner will review your health and weight history and help you to identify your individual needs. A plan of care including helping you to set a few realistic goals will also be discussed.

Here are some of the options as part of your plan of care that we may recommend for you:

  • Group Support Sessions
  • Medication
  • Meal Replacement
  • Referral to have bariatric surgery

You will be given more information about these options at your visit.

Maps & Directions

The Bariatric Medical Weight Management Clinic is located in the Medical Outpatient Department, Level 0, Block C.   
The Outpatient Entrance is off Fennell Avenue. 
Accessible parking is available in lots P1 and P2 at this entrance.

To learn more about directions to the West 5th campus click here

Registration Procedures

Please bring your Health Card to all visits.

After Your Visit

If you are a candidate for our medical program, it requires a serious commitment by you with changes in lifestyle and eating habits. You play a vital role in ensuring the success. It requires much preparation, many appointments, education, and long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle.


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