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SJHH / Health Services/ Kidney & Urinary Services/ Renal Transplant Clinic

Renal Transplant Clinic

What this program does...

The Kidney Transplant Inpatient Unit at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is a 7 bed unit with a dedicated and experienced staff who specialize in the care of patients who are preparing for a kidney transplant or who have had a kidney transplant.

To accommodate significant growth in patient volumes the transplant unit was developed to improve the continuum of care between pre- and post-transplant patients. Currently we are performing over 100 kidney transplants each year.

Many members of the interdisciplinary health care team may be involved in your care including transplant unit nurses, transplant surgeons/urologists, social workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, diabetes specialists, dieticians and community care access center staff.

The goal of the program is to provide transplant patients a continuum of specialized care and assist them in every way possible throughout the transplant journey.

Kidney Transplant Process

Given the huge advances in transplant methods and successes, kidney transplant can provide an optimum long-term outcome for many patients with end stage renal disease but the procedure is not suitable for every patient with chronic kidney disease. Please read more about criteria for kidney transplantation here.

Many factors need to be considered before kidney transplant surgery can take place and patients must be well informed about the processes involved beforehand. The following resources offer detailed information regarding pre-testing processes, what to expect in terms of specialized care before, during and after kidney transplant surgery as well as additional educational and support materials for transplant patients and their families.

On May 10, 2017 St. Joe's broadcasted a LIVE kidney transplant with Hamilton couple Nagamani and Bhargaz Turaga. To watch and learn more about the livestream event, click here.

Renal Transplant Clinic

The Renal Transplant Clinic at SJHH focuses on preparing patients with chronic kidney disease for their upcoming kidney transplant surgery. We also work closely with kidney donors to prepare them for the surgical procedure. Once surgery has taken place, transplant patients return to the Clinic for follow up care, management, support and education. Referral to the program is done through the Nephrologist who is managing your renal care.

Transplant Clinic Care Team

Program Medical Director: Dr. Christine Ribic
Director: Angela Coxe
Clinical Manager: Stephanie Hogg
Pre-Transplant Coordinators & Donor Coordinators
Post-Transplant Coordinators

Transplant Clinic Location and Registration:

Level 0, Marian Wing
50 Charlton Avenue East
Hamilton, ON, L8N 4A6
Tel: 905-522-1155 ext. 33780

Please click here for a map of our Charlton Campus site.

Additional Resources

Recognizing that patients play a vital role in the management of their own care and health planning, we strongly encourage you to explore the following important and informative links for those individuals undergoing transplant surgery or those considering kidney organ donation.

Donor Booklet

Transplant Clinic Information

The Kidney Foundation of Canada