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Canada’s 1st Facebook Live Kidney Transplant Reaches 36 Million

When Bhargav Turaga became ill and needed a new kidney, he found one close to his heart. Nagamani Turaga donated one of hers to her husband and they chose to share their journey with others more than 36 million of them, according to Media Relations Rating Points (MRP). On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton live-streamed their kidney transplant surgery to raise awareness about kidney disease and the importance of organ donation. The care team was available inside and outside the operating room to answer questions from the local community and beyond. That included high school students throughout Hamilton, as we discussed the science of organ transplant and how your kidneys work to keep you alive.

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Our patients

Bhargav Turaga is 45 years old. His minor kidney condition seemed manageable, almost unnoticeable. Two years ago, a sudden deterioration of his kidney’s function changed that picture. At that time, Bhargav faced a future of complete deterioration of his kidney and eventually daily dialysis. A new kidney could change that future.

Nagamani Turaga is married to Bhargav, and is 44 years old. Their two teenage daughters are their focus, their future. Ensuring those children have two healthy parents to guide them, to love them, and to raise them into their adult years is the fuel that drives Naga and Bhargav. For Naga, there is little question about giving up one kidney to forge that future.

Did you miss it? Rewatch the transplant

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About the surgery

Kidney transplant surgery is done to provide a patient, known as the recipient, with a healthy kidney from a donor. A live kidney transplant surgery involves the donor surgery, which takes place in the morning, and the recipient surgery, which takes place in the afternoon. The surgery will be led by Dr. Anil Kapoor, and a team of experts from St. Joe’s Kidney and Urinary Program and St. Joe’s Surgery Centre. Dr. Darin Treleaven, Medical Director of the Transplant Program at St. Joe’s and Dr. Shahid Lambe, a transplant surgeon and CTU Director for Urology Residency, will be on hand to explain the surgery and answer your questions.

One year later...

We check in with the Turaga's one year after they decided to document their kidney transplant on Facebook Live.

WATCH the video below to see how they are doing and their journey since the transplant:

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Could the surgery have been cancelled?

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