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Independent Home Dialysis Programs

Home Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Programs

Dialysis patients living with chronic kidney disease face many challenges. In addition to the physical symptoms of the disease, further emotional strain and disruption in living patterns is caused by the need for ongoing treatment several times a week in a clinical hospital environment.

The Home Dialysis Program serves to alleviate some of the stress of living with chronic kidney disease by providing equipment, training and services that enable patients to dialyze in their own homes. The program includes both Home Hemodialysis (HHD) and Home Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) that provide extensive training and follow-up to patients who choose to complete their dialysis treatments independently in the comfort of their home.

In addition to offering dialysis patients unprecedented flexibility statistics show that home-based dialysis may have significant psychosocial advantages, especially for younger patients and those who are employed or pursuing an education.  Home dialysis is associated with a higher quality of life as it eliminates the need for patients to travel to satellite dialysis centres for frequent treatments outside the home.

Both home-based programs provide teaching and training for patients with end stage renal disease and their families and/or caregivers to promote independence. The program also emphasizes an active role for patients in the planning and management of their own care. Home dialysis patients are monitored closely by our interdisciplinary health care team and treatment adjustments are made based on regular assessments.

Peritoneal Dialysis "Patient First" Program

Studies reveal that many patients who currently dialyze in acute care hospitals are eligible for personal home-based or peritoneal dialysis (PD) systems. However, those same patients may lack the confidence and knowledge required to play such a leadership role in the management of their disease. Successful treatment with home-based or peritoneal dialysis depends in great degree on good training and proper education of patients and their caregivers.

As more Canadians are turning to the Internet and using smart phone and tablet technologies for health information, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has partnered with Baxter Corporation to harness the power of these digital devices to help further educate and engage dialysis patients in the management of their own care. These digital tools have an incredible capacity to enable patients to interact with an ongoing authoritative resource and feel constantly connected in new and powerful ways.

In three phases, the program aptly named “Patient First” will focus on pre-dialysis education, peritoneal dialysis education, and self-management education. Through its subsequent program, “Pathways to Empowerment” Baxter will also support health coaching by dialysis nurses to help implement patient self-management into daily practice while aligning with the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario best practice guidelines.

Through an innovative Plan-Do-Study-Act methodology, Baxter and St. Joseph's will also closely monitor and evaluate the impact of these new digital educational tools to ensure they are meeting the needs of patients and their care providers. Furthermore Baxter’s gift will augment St. Joe’s research into kidney home dialysis and allow the Hospital to develop new ground breaking digitally-enhanced education and patient training opportunities for both home and peritoneal dialysis patients.

Through projects like “Patient First” SJHH is delving into the management and prevention of disease and evaluating patient tools to better understand their needs and the impact of the care we’re providing. Our goal is to enhance both patient centred care as well as the research that informs the future of care.

Your Care Team

The interdisciplinary home-based dialysis program care team consists of the following members:

Program Medical Director: Dr. Anna Mathew

Hemodialysis Medical Director: Dr. Peter Margetts

Director: Yolanda Berghegen

Clinical Manager: Annalisa Voskamp

Home Dialysis Nurses

Peritoneal Dialysis Nurses

Social Worker


Dialysis Technicians


St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton – King Campus
2757 King St E.
Hamilton, ON

Home Hemodialysis Teaching Program
Tel: 905-522-1155 Ext 38250

Peritoneal Dialysis Program
Tel: 905-522-1155 Ext 38275

Maps and Directions

Please click here for directions to our King Campus location.

A google map can be accessed here.

Referral Process

Your health care team, frontline staff from all areas, as well as the Renal Navigator can refer you to this program.

Registration Procedures

The independent home dialysis programs are located at the King Street Campus of St Josephs Healthcare on the east side of the facility. Please register at the front desk upon arrival.

Additional Resources

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