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SJHH / Health Services/ Kidney & Urinary Services

Kidney & Urinary Services

What this program does...

The Kidney and Urinary program at St. Joseph's Healthcare is the regional referral and renal transplantation centre in south central Ontario for patients with end stage renal disease. The program also houses the urology service that cares for patients with disease or dysfunction of the urinary system.

The program is one of the largest regional programs in the province supporting more than 2,000 patients and providing a spectrum of care from tertiary acute to chronic management of kidney disease.

The program includes all components of a comprehensive regional kidney and urinary program including:

  • Hemodialysis
  • Home, In-Centre, and Satellite Programs
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Renal Transplants
  • Surgical Urology Program
  • Pre-dialysis
  • Nephrology Clinics

Referral Process

We are now accepting electronic external referrals through Ocean eReferral!

Electronic referrals (through Ocean eReferral) can be sent directly from most EMRs. We can be found on the Healthmap by searching 'Nephrology', 'St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton' or a specific nephrology. Click HERE to view the healthmap.

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How this program helps...

As the regional centre for surgical and medical management of kidney and urinary diseases, our program has access to resources across inter-related disciplines and programs. Designed to serve our complex patient population, we deliver exceptional care for our patients and their families while also providing an environment that supports staff, physicians, medical and allied health learners and researchers.

We are constantly working to improve our services by providing centralized patient support in two care environments including Nephrology Service and Transplant Service. The Kidney and Urinary inpatient unit also houses a resource and learning centre that provides education and counseling to patients and their families.

The goal of this program is to establish an environment that supports patients and families as partners in care, allowing SJHH to provide the best care and health education related to nephrological and urological disorders. In addition to streamlining local and regional referral processes for family physicians, we also provide an environment that supports the chronic disease management model established by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, including partnership in care and self-management strategies.

Innovative Research

In collaboration with the McMaster Division of Nephrology, St. Joseph’s clinical and basic research program in Nephrology is expanding more rapidly than any other research area. These vital nephrological research initiatives focus on the major areas of kidney disease in terms of worldwide suffering and economic impact. We are in the home of the Hamilton Centre for Kidney Research (HCKR), which combines expertise in clinical and basic research to reduce the risk of kidney disease and its complications. Over the last decade, the HCKR has developed from a single nephrologist to include four Clinician-Scientist Investigators, four PhD scientists and more than 45 research staff and trainees.

Our physicians, researchers, and surgeons are also working to advance surgical innovations in laparoscopic prostate and kidney surgery. A donation from Hamilton’s Boris Family supported the purchase of a da Vinci Si Surgical Robotic System. We are South Central Ontario’s only facility with a surgical robot to assist in minimally invasive surgical procedures. This is the most advanced surgical robotic system in the world.

Your Management Team

Nephrology Program & Transplant Program

Angela Coxe 

Medical Director:
Dr. Anna Mathew 

Urology Program

Angela Coxe 

Medical Director:
Dr. Bobby Shayegan  

Management Team

Melanie Ball
Clinical Manager | Charlton Hemodialysis Center 

Christina Bowman
Clinical Manager | Inpatient Nephrology & Renal Transplant Unit 

Yolanda Berghegen
Senior Manager | Kidney Urinary Program
Clinical Manager | Satellite Hemodialysis, Vascular Access Clinic & Dialysis NP's

Annalisa Voskamp
Clinical Manager | King Hemodialysis Center & Independent Therapies 

Stephanie Hogg
Clinical Manager | Transplant & Nephrology Clinics 

Richard Orlicki
Renal Clinic Lead 

Additional Resources

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