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SJHH / Quality & Performance/ Strategic Plan/ We are Leading

We are leading


Leaders in Partnership and Innovation

Together with the people we serve and our community of partners we will lead a movement to transform and improve the experience for all patients. 

2025 Vision

In support of our mission and values, with our patients and partners, including the St. Joseph’s Health System, we will distinguish ourselves by being leaders in the wide implementation of integrated care.

Areas of focus: How will we achieve our vision?

  • Continue the implementation of Integrated Comprehensive Care (ICC) across the entire patient journey with the three St. Joseph’s organizations in Hamilton (St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, St. Joseph’s Home Care, St. Joseph’s Villa) and our partners.
  • Fully engage as partners in the Greater Hamilton Health Network's implementation.
  • Help our St. Joseph's Health System and community partners deliver integrated health services, including digital tools to ensure real-time access to relevant health information.
  • Empower patients and families to improve self-management and self-care using digital tools.
  • Continue to build a culture of Disruptive Innovation: create, test and spread innovations that radically improve patient, caregiver and provider experiences and outcomes.

Measurement: Examples of how we will track our progress

  • Wide recognition as key partners in innovation.
  • Patients access and use of digital services (health information, self-care and self-management tools and virtual care) through MyDovetale, a St. Joe's patient portal.