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SJHH / Quality & Performance/ Strategic Plan/ We are Leading

We are leading


Leaders in Innovation

Together with the people we serve we will lead a movement to transform the entire experience of care by connecting a community of healthcare providers: one team, one record, one number to call 24/7.

2025 Vision

We will distinguish ourselves through the wide implementation of integrated care by collaborating with our patients and community partners.

Initiatives: How will we achieve our vision?

  • Continue expansion of the Integrated Comprehensive Care (ICC) program across the three St. Joseph’s organizations in Hamilton (St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, St. Joseph’s Home Care, St. Joseph’s Villa).
  • Fully engage as partners in the Hamilton Health Team (HHT) implementation.
  • Help our community expand and implement integrated health services by:
    • Leveraging the design principles of integrated care.
    • Enhancing access of health information between St. Joe’s, primary care, and Home Care providers.
    • Empowering patients and families to improve self-management and self-care through increasing access to digital tools including MyDovetale and virtual care.
  • Continue to build a culture of Disruptive Innovation: create, test and spread innovations that radically improve patient, caregiver and provider experiences and outcomes.

Measurement: Examples of how we will track our progress

  • Wide recognition as leaders in innovation.
  • Patients who need it will have access to their own records online, through the use of MyDovetale, a portal for patients.