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SJHH / Quality & Performance/ Strategic Plan/ We are Caring

We are caring


Excellent Care, Every Time

We will provide high quality care that is delivered with compassion, dignity and respect, to all in need.

2025 Vision

To provide outstanding care and patient experience.

Areas of focus: How will we achieve our vision?

  • Partner with patients and families to improve experience and quality of care.
  • Adopt a standardized approach to quality improvement practices across the organization.
  • Be true to our mission by providing equitable access to care, that is inclusive and non-discriminatory, and results in better health outcomes for the communities we serve.
  • Foster a just patient safety culture that is built on trust transparency and continuous learning to improve safety and reliability.
  • Continue to collaborate with our partners to ensure that the individual care and social needs of our patients, across the entire care pathway, are met.

Measurement: Examples of how we will track our progress

  • Patient satisfaction scores increase.
  • Number of Quality Improvement Plan metrics that meet or exceed target.