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SJHH / Health Services/ Surgical Services/ Chest Unit - Surgery

Chest Unit

What this program does…

We are dedicated to providing valuable, caring medical treatment for patients with diseases of the lung, esophagus and mediastinum.

This specialized clinical unit is designated as the Regional Thoracic Centre and provides care to patients throughout Southwestern Ontario. St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s Thoracic program is currently one of the largest thoracic centers in the country.

How this program helps...

The staff on the unit provides quality and compassionate care to patients who require a hospital admission for care and management of diseases of chest, esophagus and mediastinum.  Staff of this department is highly trained and educated to deliver specialized post-operative care for thoracic patients.  They work together with the patient and their partners in care towards discharge from hospital as quickly as possible.

Your Care Team

Our strong dedicated health care team consists of thoracic surgeons, nursing staff, other health care professionals, integrated care co-ordinates as well as our community partners who collaborate to address all your care needs.

The Thoracic surgeons have extensive experience with both traditional and minimally invasive surgical procedures and engage each patient to determine the best clinical option to meet their medical needs.


Karen Baguley
Nurse Manager Chest Unit
905 522 1155 ext 33175

Anne Marie MacDonald
Clinical Director

Referral Process

The Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP) is offered at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and the Niagara Health System for people who have suspected lung cancer.

Patients, family doctors, health care providers, and specialists complete a referral by downloading the referral form here. Referrals can also be made by calling or sending a fax to the numbers listed below:

Phone: 905-522-1155 ext. 35941
Toll free phone: 1-877-801-4822
Fax: 905-540-6581
Toll Free Fax: 1-877-803-4422

The Esophageal DAP at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) is an innovative program designed to shorten wait times for patients with suspected esophageal and gastric cancer in the Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand and Brant communities.

The goal of the esophageal DAP is to reduce the worry and the wait from suspicion of esophageal and gastric cancer to diagnosis and treatment. The Esophageal DAP offers a coordinated approach to assessing and diagnosing patients and provides necessary physical and emotional support.

Please click here for more information about the Lung and Esophageal Diagnostic Assessment Programs.

Preparing for Your Visit

You should bring personal care items such as a toothbrush, brush, shaving equipment and feminine hygiene products.  Bring easy care and easy wear clothing such nightgown, pajama bottoms and housecoat.  Don’t forget a pair of non-slip slippers or shoes!   Personal mobile devices (PDA) can be brought in at your discretion.  Please remember that the hospital is a busy place and there is no area to secure electronic brought from home.

We ask that you do not bring any valuables with you as the hospital cannot be responsible for lost or stolen personal items. 

After Your Visit

Your healthcare team will provide specific instructions regarding post-operative care before you are discharged from the hospital.