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SJHH / Health Services/ Surgical Services/ Cancer Surgery

Cancer Surgery

What this program does…

Cancer surgery is identified as one of St. Joseph Hamilton Healthcare’s major programs and providing excellence in cancer surgical care is a focus for the surgical program at St Joseph’s. As a vital regional resource for specialized services SJHH is the regional lead site for treatment of thoracic, esophageal, head and neck cancers, ear, nose and throat cancer surgery, eye cancer surgery and urological cancer surgery. Our urology surgeons are viewed as the ‘go to’ practitioners for high intensity cancer cases involving the kidney, bladder and prostate.

The surgical team works very closely with our partners in respiratory medicine, radiology, laboratory medicine and the Juravinski Cancer Centre to provide the best possible pre-operative preparation, surgical care, and post-operative follow up for our cancer patients. Linkages with Palliative Care and Community Care Access Centre are in place so that we can ensure that our patients receive the patient centred quality care they require during all phases of their cancer surgery journey.

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton performs more cancer surgeries than any other hospital in our region/Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN 4). Our teams are dedicated to doing their best to provide our patients with specialized cancer care that is research based, collaborative and comprehensive.

How this program helps...

The cancer surgery program at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is a vital regional resource for patients across south central Ontario. With a focus on improving the patient journey, the program integrates diagnostics, surgery, laboratory services and palliative care so that we can better guide and support the patients we serve and deliver the highest quality of care possible.

Our cancer surgery team works closely with each patient to recommend a program of care that best suits the individual needs of the patient and their cancer diagnosis.

Preparing for Your Stay

Unless you come to the Hospital through a visit to the Emergency Department or are directed to come for a minor procedure by one of our surgeons, you will be given an appointment with our Pre-Operative Clinic. The clinic staff will prepare you with the information and instructions you require prior to the day of your surgery. Thoracic and esophageal cancer patients will be provided information and support through their diagnosis and pre-operative preparation in the Lung and Esophageal Diagnostic and Assessment Programs.

We ask that you do not bring any valuables with you as the hospital cannot be responsible for lost or stolen personal items.