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Boris Family Centre for Robotic Surgery

How the Boris Family Centre for Robotic Surgery Began

In 2011 the Boris Family (founders of Mountain Cablevision) made a $5 million donation to bring the world’s most advanced surgical robot, the da Vinci Si Surgical Robotic System, to St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.  

In 2014, the Boris Family made a second $5 million gift to start the first comprehensive robotic surgery centre in Canada, grouping various clinical and research programs under the umbrella of a single institute.  In recognition of their $10 million in cumulative support, St. Joseph’s established and named the Boris Family Centre for Robotic Surgery.

What this program does

The Boris Family Centre for Robotic Surgery is the first dedicated facility in the greater Hamilton area to use cutting-edge, minimally invasive robotic technology to speed healing in patients and push the boundaries of surgical care. It is also the first program of its kind in Canada, where the various clinical subspecialties of Urology, Thoracic, and Head and Neck Surgery work together to advance the science of Robotic Surgery. The BFCRS also houses a premier research institute that creates collaborations across various clinical fields to drive innovation and quality improvement in robotic surgery.

To date, more than 400 robotic procedures have been performed at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.  Robotic surgery is becoming the standard of care for robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomies, and is beginning to be used in partial nephrectomy and other kidney surgeries, as well as cancer surgeries of the lungs, chest, head and neck. 

Every robotic surgery performed at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is part of a research study designed to evaluate the impact of robotic procedures on patient outcomes and overall healthcare costs.

It’s important to remember that not all surgeries can be performed robotically and not every patient is a candidate for robotic surgery.  Your doctor can provide the surgical recommendations that are best suited to your particular medical condition or situation.

How this program helps

The Boris Family Centre for Robotic Surgery provides technologically advanced surgical procedures in kidney and urinary care as well as procedures in the chest, head and neck.  Some of the benefits of robotic surgery compared to open surgery include, less trauma on the body, minimal blood loss, smaller incisions with less scarring, and faster recovery time for patients. 

The Centre is also a hub of research excellence designed to further understand the benefits of robotic surgery.  There are research studies underway in every area of surgery the Boris Centre performs.  From randomized clinical trials, to literature reviews, and innovation in surgical technology, St. Joe’s is committed to maintaining its stature as a national and international leader in robotic assisted surgeries and research. 

Patients who have undergone robotic surgery at St. Joe’s are citing speedy recovery times, minimal post-surgical pain, infection or blood loss, and tiny incisions as just a few of the benefits of taking part in this new area of care. 

Visit our video gallery to view the story of Waldemar Lesniak.  Mr. Lesniak was the first patient at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton to undergo robotic surgery for his lung cancer 


Your Care Team

Dr. Mehran Anvari
Dr. Michael Gupta
Dr. Waël C. Hanna
Dr. Dennis Hong
Dr. Anil Kapoor
Dr. Eddie Matsumoto
Dr. Yaron Shargall
Dr. Bobby Shayegan

Elisa Bolognone
Colleen Clark
Doug Crane
Pam Currier
Michelle Dodds
Christine Doucette
Dee Frisina
Mia Kolibash
Menchie Marte
Patrizia Monterroso
Heather Tomlinson
Charanjit Williams
Mary Winn


Dr. Waël C. Hanna, MDCM, MBA, FRCSC
SJHH, 50 Charlton Ave E, suite T2105F
Hamilton, ON, L8N4A6
Tel: 905.522.1155 ext 35916
Fax: 905.540.6564

Referral Process

Referrals for Robotic Thoracic Surgery should be faxed to the Thoracic Surgery Common Referral Office at 905.540.6564

Preparing for Your Visit

Information will be provided during Pre-op Clinic appointment

Click here for more information on Preparing for your Lung Surgery

Maps and Directions

The Boris Family Centre for Robotic Surgery is located at the Charlton Campus, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
Premium parking is located at the front of the building, off Charlton Ave. 
Regular parking is off James St. S., on the south side of the hospital
Please click here for maps and directions to our Charlton Campus

Registration Procedures

Information will be provided during Pre-op Clinic appointment