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About MyDovetale

MyDovetale is the secure online portal designed for patients for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, to access their health information and engage with their healthcare team. MyDovetale enables patients and their loved ones  to take a more active role in managing their care and monitoring their health.

MyDovetale provides patients access to a subset of their information from Dovetale, the provider digital solution that St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton teams use to provide care.

MyDovetale gives patients and loved ones the opportunity to:

  • View current health information, medication list, allergies, medical history, lab test results and diagnostic imaging reports.
  • Securely message with their care team, including nurses, physicians and support staff of the  participating clinic(s).
  • View all appointments at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Cancel and request appointments at participating clinical areas.
  • Have Virtual Visits with their care team.

MyDovetale Patient Guide

Information about how to access and use MyDovetale can be found in the MyDovetale Patient Guide.

Access MyDovetale

MyDovetale is accessible online, from any device that supports a web browser (eg. computer, tablet or smartphone) at MyDovetale is also available as an app for mobile users. To install the MyChart App, go to the App Store or Google play store and search for `MyChart` and choose 'St. Joe's' as the organization.

Questions about MyDovetale

For any questions about MyDovetale, please contact your care provider team, the Health Information Management (HIM) department for further assistance, or email

MyDovetale Clinics

MyDovetale continues to expand on a program-by-program basis. Currently, it is available to all eligible patients of the following clinics and programs:

  • Anxiety and Treatment Research Centre
  • Bariatric Medical Weight Management Clinic
  • Cleghorn Early Intervention Clinic
  • Community Internal Rapid Access Clinic (CIMRAC)
  • Firestone Ambulatory Clinics
  • Integrated Comprehensive Care (ICC)
  • Kidney Care Clinic – King & Charlton Campus
  • Kidney Transplant Clinic
  • Mood Disorder Clinic
  • Respiratory rehabilitation day program (RRDP)
  • Women’s Health Concerns Clinic

New! Health Records on iPhone

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is pleased to be among the first healthcare organizations in Canada to offer Health Records on iPhone, which brings together hospitals, clinics and the existing Apple Health app to make it easy for patients to see their available medical data from multiple providers whenever they choose.

Health Records on iPhone is only available to St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton patients who are currently enrolled in a clinic that is using the hospital’s secure patient portal, MyDovetale.

These patients can collect their health data through the feature by:

  • Accessing Health Records on iPhone from within the Health app
  • Selecting “St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton” to download their health records
  • Authenticating with their MyDovetale patient portal username and password to access health data

Please note, while Health Records on iPhone security features have been reviewed by St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, the feature is a separate platform from the hospital’s digital medical records platform, MyDovetale. As such, patients who elect to use Health Records on iPhone do so at their own risk.

To learn more, see these frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions: MyDovetale

How do patients benefit from signing up with MyDovetale?

MyDovetale helps patients and their loved ones play a more active role in managing their care at St. Joe’s and monitoring their health.

  • Patients are less likely to forget an appointment because MyDovetale sends secure message reminders.
  • Patients will be more connected with their care team via secure messaging on MyDovetale.
  • Patients with busy schedules will benefit from being able to go online any time to request an appointment.
  • Patients can stay informed with timely access to lab test results.
  • By completing questionnaires on MyDovetale ahead of time, patients will have more informed discussions with their care team at appointments.
  • MyDovetale allows patients to decide to provide access to their account to others, like family members or loved ones. This can benefit the patient by having those most important to them take an active role in care. We refer to this type of access as “proxy access”.
  • MyDovetale allows patients to have Virtual Visits with their care team, including their nurses, doctors and other support staff. A Virtual Visit at St. Joe’s uses the MyDovetale patient portal to connect patients with their care team through video conference from the comfort of their own homes, on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Learn more about how to do all of these things and more in our MyDovetale Patient Guide.

Can patients view medical notes written by their care team?

In MyDovetale, patients cannot see clinical notes written by their care team. To access this information, patients can request their legal medical record by contacting the Health Information Management team at St. Joe’s (click here).

How will patients access MyDovetale?

Patients who are receiving care at participating clinics can access MyDovetale online using a computer or mobile device via the website or app. Make sure to download the MyChart app in the app store and choose St. Joe's as the organization. For more information about how to connect to your MyDovetale account using the mobile application, please see the MyDovetale Patient Guide.

What clinics are going live with MyDovetale and when?

Currently, MyDovetale is expanding on a program-by-program basis, and is now available to the following outpatient groups:

  • Integrated Comprehensive Care (ICC)
  • Mood Disorders
  • Women's Health Concerns
  • Kidney Urinary Program
  • Kidney Transplant
  • Anxiety and Treatment Research Center
  • Firestone Ambulatory Clinics
  • Community Internal Rapid Access Clinic (CIMRAC)
When will other St. Joe’s outpatient clinics and inpatient units provide MyDovetale access to patients?

We want to ensure that the patients who first use MyDovetale will have time to tell us what they find helpful or what could be changed. Sometime in the year, St. Joe’s will announce a plan to expand MyDovetale to other areas.

Will more functionality be added to MyDovetale in the future?

Yes, probably. As patients begin to use MyDovetale with their care teams, we will learn more about how patients will want to use MyDovetale in the future. Patients might tell us that they are interested in having full access to scheduling appointments, and integration with self-monitoring devices like Fitbits – all functionality that MyDovetale could provide in the future.

Tell me more about how patients can message their care team using MyDovetale…

Patients can ask non-urgent medical question to their care team by sending them a message using MyDovetale. The message will be reviewed by the care team and triaged accordingly (i.e. to a nurse or other appropriate care provider).

Patients using MyDovetale no longer have to wait to ask their care team questions about appointments, test results, follow-up visit information, or health information.  Patients will receive message responses from their care team members in MyDovetale within 72 hours.  Patients can choose to have MyDovetale notify them via email or text message when new information is added to their MyDovetale account. As a reminder, any urgent questions should be directed to the care care team via phone or in-person. 

Learn more about how to do all of these things and more in our MyDovetale Patient Guide.

How does MyDovetale protect private healthcare information?

MyDovetale is a secure online solution, meaning that your private health information is safe and protected. Remember to always use trusted devices when viewing your MyDovetale information.

We realize that making our patient's health information digitally available can bring up new concerns about privacy. That is why St. Joe’s has done a number of things to protect our patients’ health information in MyDovetale:

  • Patients who use my MyDovetale have a unique username and password that is known only to them. Patients will always set their own passwords. If you forget your password, you will need to come into the Health Information Management office at St. Joe’s, where a member of the team will be able to help you reset your password.
  • Patients who wish to allow loved ones to view their MyDovetale account must authorize access through a proxy activation process. To do this, read more information in the FAQ below.
  • Care team members at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton have completed mandatory privacy training to use Dovetale.
  • Dovetale was designed to guide care team users to only access information related to patients in their care. If a user searches for information about patients that are not in their care, it triggers a report that is reviewed by the Privacy Office. All activity in Dovetale is recorded and monitored for appropriate use.

If you ever have concerns, or believe that there may have been a privacy breach, please connect with the Chief Privacy Officer by calling 905-522-1155 ext. 35088, or by emailing

Can a MyDovetale patient user provide others, like family members and loved ones, with access to their account?

St. Joe’s patients with an active MyDovetale account have the ability to enable a “proxy.” A proxy is someone else who is authorized to have access to your MyDovetale account. There are three common types of proxy access we can help enable for you:

  1. Capable patients (12 years and older) can assign anyone they wish to be a proxy; however, common examples include a spouse, family member or care provider.
  2. A legal representative (such as an SDM or POA of an incapacitated person) may request proxy access.
  3. A legal guardian of a minor patient (under 12 years of age) can be granted proxy access to their child’s account.

Capable patients age 12 and older are empowered with the ability to designate proxies as they see fit and can even assign varying levels of access to each proxy based on their information sharing preferences (or the proxy’s legal authority). However, not all patients or proxies may be suitable for MyDovetale or proxy access privileges.

If you wish to assign a proxy to your MyDovetale account, please contact or our Health Information Management Department at 905-522-1155 ext. 33415. If you are requesting proxy access to a minor’s account, please complete and submit the below form to include with your email request to

Proxy designation is a voluntary decision made solely by the patient, freely, and without coercion. If at any time you wish to revoke or revise your proxy’s access, you may do so through your MyDovetale account or with assistance from Health Information Management Department.

For more information about your St. Joe’s health records, please click here.

I have questions about MyDovetale, my access/my activation code...

We encourage you to please email directly.