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What’s New?

As of November 2nd, 2023, St. Joe’s completed a number of updates to MyDovetale and Video Visits to continue improving and growing the functionality available. To learn more, click on the link below.

click here to view a summary of updates

About MyDovetale

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (St. Joe’s) joined compassionate care with the latest technology with the launch of MyDovetale (June 2019), a secure online portal that will help you and the people involved in your care take a more active role in managing and monitoring your health. MyDovetale is free for you to use!

Accessible online from any computer via browser, tablet, and/or smartphone via the mobile app, MyDovetale gives you and authorized family members or caregivers the opportunity to:

  • View current health information: medication list, allergies, medical history, lab test results, and diagnostic imaging reports
  • Request, view, and download a Request for Access to Personal Health Information
  • Access help materials such as guides, tip sheets, and videos
  • Identify and update communication preferences
  • Update demographic information such as address and phone number
  • Securely message your St. Joe’s Care Team; your Care Team can include nurses, physicians and other support staff
  • View all appointments at St. Joe's
  • Link your MyDovetale account with an existing MyChart account from another participating healthcare organization

Additionally, you will be able to use the following features with some of our participating clinics:

  • Cancel and request appointments with participating clinics
  • Launch video visits with your St. Joe’s Care Team
  • Electronically sign consent forms before your visit

MyDovetale may not be available to all St. Joe’s patients. If you do not have access to MyDovetale, you can still access your Personal Health Information by contacting the St. Joe's Health Information Management Department. Please note this type of request may be subject to fees.

St. Joe's Health Information Management Department web page:

Contact Health Information Management:

905-522-1155 ext. 33415 or

If you believe there is an error within your health record, you can request a correction of that information by submitting your request to the St. Joe's Health Information Management Department or the Privacy Office. However, if you feel there are incorrect or missing allergies or medications in your records, please contact your Care Team. The request form for a correction to personal health record can be found here, and additional information about the process can be found here.     

MyDovetale Patient Guide

St. Joe’s has created a patient resource called the ‘MyDovetale Patient Guide’. This guide outlines many key features and the functionality available through MyDovetale including, but not limited to: how to sign up, how to view upcoming appointments, how to change your password, and how to respond to a questionnaire. To access the patient guide, click on the link below.


Additional Information

Click the below options to access additional information or online forms

MyDovetale Sign-Up

Proxy Request Form

Privacy & Access

Virtual Care


Need Help?

If you require support, are experiencing issues, or have questions regarding MyDovetale, please contact your clinic directly or the MyDovetale & Virtual Care Support Team at


Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of MyDovetale

How do I benefit from signing up with MyDovetale?

MyDovetale, as offered through St. Joe’s, provides a number of benefits for patients, including:

  • Secure access to your personal health information any time of day from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Ability to update your demographic information (i.e. phone number or address) ensuring your information is always up-to-date
  • Access to view your upcoming and past appointment schedules
  • Empowering you and authorized family members or caregivers to make informed decisions about your care by being closely connected to your healthcare history
  • Improved communications with your care providers by ensuring you have access to up-to-date information about your test results and health conditions

Accessing and Managing Your MyDovetale Account

How will I access MyDovetale?  

Access MyDovetale online, from any device that supports a web browser (i.e. computer, tablet, or a mobile device) at MyDovetale is also available as an App for mobile users on both the App Store (for iOS devices) and Google Play Store (for Android devices).

NOTE: When you download the application, it will be called ‘MyChart’ and when you log into the mobile application and selection St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton as your organization, it will be re-branded to ‘MyDovetale’. 

To download the MyChart App, navigate to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for `MyChart`. Once downloaded, select ‘St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’ as the organization. Only patients receiving care at participating clinics can use MyDovetale.

Sign-up can be completed at your clinic, through the Health Information Management Department or, at home with the instructions provided to you by your St. Joe’s Care Team.

If I am using a computer, what Internet browser should I use?

For best experience, use a supported web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge to be able to easily access your MyDovetale account. The MyDovetale mobile app works best on Android OS 7.0 and higher, and iOS 14.0 and higher.

How do I manage my account?

You may manage your username, password, and notifications you receive via email and text message. You are also able to assign proxy access to authorized family members or caregivers to give them access to your health information, via MyDovetale. Edits to personal information (i.e. Demographic information, telephone number, next of kin, etc.) will be reviewed by the Health Information Management Department prior to updating the hospital database. You may be contacted by phone to verify these details. 

What happens if my instant activation link does not work?

Your instant activation link will expire after 24 hours and will no longer be valid after the first use. To generate a new activation link, please contact or call the Health Information Management Department at 905-522-1155 ext. 33415.

When can I see my information in MyDovetale?

MyDovetale provides you with real-time access to the most up-to-date information regarding your care at St. Joe’s, with the exception of some lab tests. Test results may be delayed for 7 days or longer if your St. Joe’s Care Team feels a face-to-face explanation is more appropriate. Some test results may not be released within MyDovetale (i.e. Sensitive, Genetic and Pathology/Cytology, and Microbiology results). If you are expecting a certain test result and do not see it in MyDovetale, please contact your St. Joe’s Care Team.

Can I view medical notes written by my Care Team?

At this time, patients cannot see clinical notes written by their Care Team in MyDovetale. To access this information, patients can request their legal medical record by contacting the Health Information Management Department at St. Joe’s (click here).

Some of MyDovetale health information is not correct, what should I do? 

MyDovetale provides you with the most up-to-date information available in Dovetale. If you would like to initiate a request for correction to your personal health record, please submit the chart correction request form found here.

Will more functionality be added to MyDovetale?

We are continuously enhancing user experience to existing MyDovetale functionality and introducing new features. New functionality will be communicated by your Care Team and will be posted to the MyDovetale main page once you are logged into your MyDovetale account.

Messaging Your Care Team

How can I message my Care Team using MyDovetale?

If you have a non-urgent medical question, you can send a message to your St. Joe’s Care Team through MyDovetale. The message will be reviewed by your Care Team and you will receive a response within 3 business days. You can elect to have MyDovetale notify you via email or text message when new information is added to your MyDovetale account or if you receive a new message. Please contact your clinic if you have not received a response after 3 business days.

If you have any urgent concerns related to your health, please go to the Emergency Department or call 911.

Learn more about these processes and more in our MyDovetale Patient Guide.

Proxy Access

How can I give someone else access to my MyDovetale account?

St. Joe’s patients, with an active MyDovetale account, have the option to assign a “proxy.” A proxy is someone else who is authorized to have access to your MyDovetale account. There are three common types of proxy access:

  1. Capable patients (12 years and older) can identify anyone they wish to be a proxy; however, common examples include a spouse, family member, or care provider.
  2. A legal representative (such as a Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) or Power of Attorney (POA) of an incapacitated person) may request proxy access.
  3. A legal guardian of a minor patient (under 12 years of age) can be granted proxy access to their child’s account.
    • Proxy accounts assigned to patients under 12 years of age will expire when the patient turns 12 years old. Patients 12 years old and older can request access to their own MyDovetale account.
    • If this type of proxy access is what you require, visit and select ‘I want an account on behalf of a child 0-11’ (one form per child)

Capable patients, age 12 and older, are empowered with the ability to identify proxies as they see fit and can even assign varying levels of access to each proxy based on their information sharing preferences (or the proxy’s legal authority). However, not all patients or proxies may be suitable for MyDovetale or proxy access privileges.

If you wish to identify a proxy for your MyDovetale account, you can do so from the Sharing Hub activity in your MyDovetale account or by contacting or call the Health Information Management Department at 905-522-1155 ext. 33415. If you are requesting proxy access to a minor’s account, visit and select ‘I want an account on behalf of a child 0-11’ (one form per child).

Proxy designation is a voluntary decision made solely by the patient, freely and without coercion. If at any time you wish to revoke or revise your proxy’s access, you may do so through your MyDovetale account or with assistance from Health Information Management Department.

For more information about your St. Joe’s health record, please click here.

Legal, Privacy, & Security

Is my private health information secure on MyDovetale?

Yes. MyDovetale is a secure online solution, meaning your private health information is safe and protected. Remember to always use trusted devices when viewing your MyDovetale information.

We realize that making your health information digitally available can bring up new concerns regarding privacy. St. Joe’s recommends patients review and follow the below strategies to ensure their health information is protected in MyDovetale:

  • Access to information is controlled with each person having a unique username and password. Patients will always set their own passwords. MyDovetale encrypts your session using the latest encryption technology.
  • By agreeing to the terms and conditions when you sign into MyDovetale, you also agree to secure your health information.
  • You can secure information on your end by always using trusted devices when viewing your MyDovetale information. Always use a device that has the latest operating system and security patches installed, and if applicable, has antivirus software that has recent updates installed.
  • Do not share your username and password with anyone.
  • The application will automatically log you out if the screen remains idle for 20 minutes or more. It is strongly recommended that you log out of your MyDovetale session if you need to leave your device for a short period of time.
  • When you are finished using MyDovetale, to ensure the application is not active with your private health information, always log out (rather than just closing your browser).
  • Please ensure proxy access is up to date; should you decide that you would like to take away proxy access from an authorized family members or caregivers, you can do this through your MyDovetale account.

If you have concerns or believe there has been a privacy breach, please connect with the Privacy Office by emailing  

What happens to the information in my MyDovetale account and how long is it kept for?  Does information (like messages between my care providers and I) become part of my legal medical record?

All information in MyDovetale is included as part of your patient hospital record at St. Joe’s and may become part of the legal medical record, excluding secure messaging. Messages are intended for non-clinical communication, however, if messages are/become clinical in nature, the care provider will make a note of the discussion in your patient hospital record, which will then become part of your legal medical record.

Retention periods for any information accessible or entered into your MyDovetale account will follow hospital information system retention guidelines and will be kept for a minimum of 10 years. 

Please note that access to your MyDovetale account may be taken away at the discretion of your St. Joe’s Care Team and all information will still remain part of your patient hospital record.

Technical Questions

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your login credentials, you can select Forgot Username? or Forgot Password? from the MyDovetale homepage (web browser or mobile app). Your MyDovetale account will be disabled after 5 unsuccessful login attempts.

Selecting Forgot Username? will bring you to a screen where you will enter your name, date of birth, and medical record number. Your username will then be sent to your e-mail account.

Selecting Forgot Password? will bring you to a screen where you will enter your MyDovetale username, date of birth, and medical record number. Then you will be able to reset the password.

If you do not remember your username, password and/or medical record number, or if your account has been disabled, please contact or call the Health Information Management Department at 905-522-1155 ext. 33415.

I want to change my password, what should I do?

To ensure that your medical information stays protected, consider changing your MyDovetale password periodically. To do so, log into your MyDovetale account and navigate to Your Menu > Security Settings.

My account has been deactivated after a few unsuccessful login attempts. What should I do?

Your MyDovetale account will be disabled after 5 unsuccessful login attempts. If you have forgotten both your username and your password please contact or call the Health Information Management Department at 905-522-1155 ext. 33415 to verify your information so we can reactivate your account.

I was logged out of MyDovetale, what happened?

We aim to protect the privacy and security of your information. While logged into MyDovetale, if your device remains idle for 20 minutes or longer, you will automatically be logged out of MyDovetale. We recommend that you log out of your MyDovetale session if you need to leave your computer/device even for a shorter period of time.