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SJHH / Dovetale

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About Dovetale

St. Joe’s joined our mission of providing compassionate care with leading healthcare technology.

We have transformed the way we work and provide care through a digital healthcare movement.

In the early morning hours of December 2nd, 2017 St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH) joined ranks with the top 2% of Canadian healthcare providers who have adopted cutting-edge systems for digitizing health information. The software designed by Epic is used in many of the world’s leading hospitals.

The new system furthers St. Joseph’s research capabilities by simplifying data collection and collation, which in turn will bring findings into practice more rapidly. It also expands St. Joseph's research community, linking it to a network of global health leaders that include The Cleveland Clinic and Kaiser Permanente, organizations that have also selected Epic as their digital system of choice. Patients, clinicians and learners will reap the benefits of this new avenue for shared knowledge.


What is it?

St. Joe’shas joined our mission of providing compassionate care with leading healthcare technology.

We have transformed the way we work and provide care through a digital healthcare movement.

  •  St. Joe’s implemented a fully integrated, safe and secure information solution, called Dovetale, that will place all of a patient’s information in one place.
    • Now our patients only need to tell their full story once, and we continue to add on to it.
    •  All caregivers now see the same information, and care providers are better connected to each other.
  • Patients will have new options to collaborate in their care.
    • We are now better able to engage the patient and their family and work as a team to develop care plans.
When did this happen?

Dovetale went live at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton on December 2nd, 2017.

Why "Dovetale"?
  • Dovetale is the name of the St. Joe’s transformation in care – showing that this is more than new digital technology, it’s a way of combining the compassionate care we provide at St. Joe’s with the best digital solution.

  • Dovetale – signifies the joining of Compassion and Technology, and recognizing that the patient’s story (their ‘tale’) is at the heart of best care.
How have we empowered our healthcare providers to dramatically improve care?
  • With Dovetale, healthcare providers at St. Joe's are now better able to connect to each other and collaborate on patient care through one digital information solution that holds all of the patient’s story.
  • St. Joe’s is improving patient care by providing real-time, at-the-bedside data and analysis.
  • Patients already have new options to engage in their care through better information sharing. More opportunities for patient and family participation are continually being developed.
How are we inspiring researchers, educators and all of our people to explore new opportunities to care and to cure?

Dovetale has created the opportunity to build a huge data base of information and we’ll be able to ask questions of the data in a more effective way. 

How has this elevated St. Joe’s to a Canadian leader in hospital digital technology?
  • We were the first academic health science centre in Canada to partner with a premier digital information provider called Epic, placing St. Joe’s among prestigious academic health centres famous for their innovation including Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic and Mount Sinai Health System

  • SJHH catapulted to a Level 6 on the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) ranking, on a scale that goes to 7. Only 2 per cent of Canadian hospitals are today at a Level 6 or 7.


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