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SJHH / SuicidePrevention

Release of Suicide Prevention Recommendations

For the families, loved ones and communities that have experienced the pain and anguish of mental illness, one suicide is too many.

As staff caring for patients in crisis and in pain we are extremely concerned and saddened about patients who end their lives while associated with our services and in our facility.

Today we are sharing recommendations from a report we requested following a number of cases of suicide in our organization or associated with our programs with our community.

We have investigated each tragic death but also have sought outside review of the events, our care approach, our policies and procedures. The report’s recommendations will be made public and have been submitted to the Coroner’s office.

Our reviewers have given a thoughtful and thorough set of recommendations many of which build upon our current care approach and emphasize strategies which we believe will offer additional opportunities to prevent tragedies. We have made progress on many of these recommendations and we have shared our responses to date and planned responses for the future.

We have declared suicide a never event in St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and seek to make suicide a never event in our facility. We are taking an uncompromising approach to further improving our care by creating an Action Committee for the Prevention of Suicide at St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, devoting energy and additional resources  to ensure St. Joe’s is the safest place possible for our patients in times of crisis and despair.

Mental illness is very complex, can cause unfathomable pain and does not always have predictable outcomes. This is why we are committed to continuing to examine how we deliver our care and tocommunicating with families to advise and guide us. We will seek outside support to review and validate our initiatives.

I know I can speak for all of our staff in our commitment to preventing suicide by all possible means in our hospital facility and for the patients we serve.


Click below to find the external review recommendations and more on the work we’re doing to address each recommendation:

External Review Recommendations

Suicide Prevention Action Committee Terms of Reference

Suicide Prevention Workplan for Implementation of External Review Recommendations