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Our Progress

Sharing Our Progress

Part of our promise is to report on the progress of our plan. Over the next five years, our teams will strive to achieve the future we’ve envisioned by Leading, Learning, Building and Caring together. The way we rise to the challenge and succeed in the initiatives we’ve identified will be told in a multitude of voices and stories as we push forward. Small victories, uncharted territories and lessons learned will be part of this journey. We will share these stories with our teams, our patients and our community along the way.

Congratulations to the #WeAreStJoes Photo Contest winners!

Seven teams from across the organization were pulled from a draw that included over 120 submissions. The winning teams will receive either a pizza party or Tim Hortons coffee and treats. Thank you to all who submitted their fantastic photos!

  • Pharmacy (Charlton)
  • Mailroom
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists (West 5th )
  • Schizophrenia Inpatient Unit
  • Hemodialysis (King)
  • Diagnostic Imaging (King)
  • Womankind


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