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SJHH / Quality & Performance/ 2019 Strategic Planning Update

2019 Strategic Planning Update

We are currently in the process of developing a new five year plan for our organization. Through the strategic planning process, we are identifying our priorities by creating a plan that will provide direction and guide our decisions as we work to achieve our vision. The plan will better enable quality care, activate innovative ideas and ensure we are working together to achieve our goals.

Our new plan will enable us to be leaders in shaping the future of healthcare in our community and in this province – All with the patient at the heart of our future direction.

Shaping Our Strategy

We are committed to engaging our community in shaping a shared vision and strategy for our organization’s future. To ensure our plan best serves the needs of our patients and community, we are incorporating the voices of all members of our community – patients, families, our employees and our academic, research, hospital, government, union and social services partners.

Beginning in the spring of 2018, we visited over 170 teams across our hospital. Over 1,200 employees participated. Our employees shared what inspires them at work, what defines the compassionate care we provide and where we should focus our innovation efforts.

In the summer of 2018, we brought the “St. Joe’s Community Checkup booth” to seven events across the city, including the Festival of Friends, Dundas Cactus Festival, Locke Street Festival and Winona Peach Festival. Over 1,300 members of the public participated, providing over 10,000 points of data and over 50 audio stories about the care they or their family member received at St. Joe’s. Community members told us what compassionate care looks like to them, and what they see the future of innovation looking like at St. Joe’s.

Working with our joint board of governors, patient family advisors, employee strategy ambassadors and our leadership team we are developing directions based off of our employee and community response, as well as demographic and healthcare data that demonstrates the growing needs of our population.

Hear patient (audio) stories

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Next Steps

Over the coming months, we will be working on preparing goals, initiatives, timelines and ways to measure change for our strategic directions.

Thank you for your participation in this process. We are looking forward to sharing our new strategic plan with you later this year. 


If you have questions about the strategic planning process, how to get involved or next steps, please contact