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Care for Creation: Catholic Values & the Environment

Care for Creation: Catholic Values & the Environment

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration that healthcare professionals have the “responsibility, political leverage and necessary skills to protect the public from climate related threats to health” (Protecting Health from Climate Change, 2008) is supported by St. Joe's Vision: “Deliver an integrated, high quality care experience, pursue and share knowledge, and respect our rich diversity, always remaining faithful to our Roman Catholic values and traditions.” St. Joe’s vision is further shaped to support the environment in light of Pope Francis’ encyclical Letter “Laudato Si’ – On the Care of our Common Home.” By focussing on scientific studies in this encyclical, Pope Francis opens up dialogues between faith and science, advocating for the values shared by their sometimes dichotomous relationship: the preservation of Earth as our common home.

St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton believes that by better managing the environmental impacts of healthcare, we will be able to support Pope Francis’ and the WHO’s counsel to strengthen our adaptive capacity, act as stewards, lead by example and advocate for larger changes in municipal, provincial and federal governance.

Learn more about Catholic Values & the Environment by watching the “Everything is Connected” video by the Catholic Health Association of the United States.

Everything is Connected:

Feast of St. Francis 

St Francis of Assisi was born in the 12th century and is the Catholic Church’s patron saint of the environment and animals. The Feast of St Francis commemorates the life of St Francis and honours creation and the environment. Reflecting on our history and the values of our Founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton: dignity, respect, service, justice, responsibility and enquiry apply not only to the exceptional care our staff, physicians, learners and volunteers continue to provide our patients and community, but also to how we as a Catholic healthcare organization care for our environment.

Perhaps the most popular of St Francis stories is the Sermons to the Birds:

"My little sisters the birds, ye owe much to God, your Creator, and ye ought to sing his praise at all times and in all places, because he has given you liberty to fly about into all places; and though ye neither spin nor sew, he has given you a twofold and a threefold clothing for yourselves and for your offspring. Two of all your species he sent into the Ark with Noah that you might not be lost to the world; besides which, he feeds you, though ye neither sow nor reap. He has given you fountains and rivers to quench your thirst, mountains and valleys in which to take refuge, and trees in which to build your nests; so that your Creator loves you much, having thus favoured you with such bounties. Beware, my little sisters, of the sin of ingratitude, and study always to give praise to God." - Saint Francis of Assisi - c1220

Reflection & Commitment 

There are many ways to reflect upon and commit everyday actions to climate change and the environment.

You can:

1) Take the St. Francis Pledge by clicking here. 
2) Make small daily actions that reduce waste and resource consumption. Click here to view resources. 
3) Inspire others to take action towards a better environment.

Less is More: