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St. Joe's is Choosing Wisely

St. Joe's is Choosing Wisely

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is an early adopter of Choosing Wisely Canada, a national campaign aimed at encouraging physicians and patients to engage in healthy conversations about their healthcare. When it comes to your health, more medical tests, treatments and procedures are not always better. In fact, sometimes they are unnecessary and could do more harm than good. Choosing Wisely Canada focuses on areas where evidence overwhelmingly shows that a test, treatment or procedure provides little to no benefit to a patient, and encourages physicians and patients to have a healthy conversation about the topic.

St. Joe's is adopting Choosing Wisely Canada's recommendations that are applicable to the healthcare our hospital provides including, palliative care, kidney and urinary care, imaging testing, preoperative testing and vitamin D testing, just to name a few.

St. Joe’s is Choosing Wisely encourages our patients to engage in conversations with their physicians, clinicians and healthcare providers. Committed to ensuring high-quality, compassionate care for our patients we hope by participating in this initiative St. Joe’s will assist our patients and healthcare providers in making informed, effective choices together.

Next time you see your doctor, have a conversation. Learn how you can become engaged in your healthcare through St. Joe’s is Choosing Wisely by reviewing the topics below:

St. Joe's is Choosing Wisely Materials 



St. Joe’s is Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely Canada

Think you need antibiotics?

Treating Sinusitis

Think your patient needs a catheter?

Preventing infections in the hospital

Think you need to have your vitamin D measured?

Vitamin D tests

Think you need an X-ray or MRI?

Imaging tests for lower back pain

We can talk about End of Life Care later, right?

Palliative Care

Think your low-risk patient needs “routine” preoperative testing?

Lab tests before surgery


Antibiotics: Let's Think Again 

X-ray or MRI: Let's Think Again


Learn more about Choosing Wisely Canada by visiting: