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SJHH / Patients & Visitors/ Patient, Family, & Community Engagement/ Mental Health and Addiction Program Peer Support Council/ Peer Support Groups

Peer Support Groups

Open Peer Support Group

This group runs every Thursday from 12:30pm to 2pm and is open to persons with lived experience of mental illness who feels they may benefit from participating in a peer run and driven support group.  Weekly discussion themes are determined by group participants and facilitated by trained peer support staff.  Self-referrals and drop-ins are welcome. Registration is not necessary. 

Family Peer Support Group

This family drop in group runs weekly on Wednesday from 1230 to 2pm, and monthly every third Wednesday from 530-7pm. Share your thoughts and experiences in an open, caring group atmosphere. This group is peer-led. A peer is someone who has lived experiences supporting loved ones through mental health and /or addiction issues. Weekly discussion themes are determined by group participants and facilitated by trained peer support staff. Registration is not necessary. Call 905 522 1155 extension 35599 for more information.

Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA)

This group runs every Monday from 11am to 12noon and is open to individuals with lived experience of mental illness and addiction issues.  DRA is based on the principles of the 12 Steps and the personal experiences of men and women in dual recovery.  The primary purpose of DRA is to help one another achieve dual recovery (mental illness and addiction), to prevent relapse and carry the message of recovery to others.  Drop-in style group. Referral and registration not necessary. 

Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

WRAP groups are offered several times a year for individuals with lived experience of mental illness and/or addiction who are interested in developing a personal self-management plan.  This is an 8 week, evidence based, modularized group covering:  Developing a Wellness Toolbox; Creating a Daily Maintenance Plan; Triggers & Early Warning Signs; and Crisis and Post Crisis Planning.  WRAP groups are facilitated by trained and WRAP certified peer support staff.  Self-referrals are welcome.  Registration is necessary as groups fill up quickly. 

Family Orientation

First time visiting us, or learning about mental illness and addiction? Book an orientation session to learn about Mental Health and Addiction Programs and available support and resources for families. This program is by registration only and is run several times a month. Please call for dates and available times. 905-521-2100 ext. 35599. 

For more information about our groups call 905-522-1155 ext. 36600