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Oct 3, 2018

Cracked nipples, engorgement, and milk supply – Oh my!

In Canada, we celebrate World Breastfeeding Week from October 1st to 7th and this is also a popular time for newborns to make their debut into the world. If you’re a new parent or an experienced one, you may not be aware that the joy of welcoming a...
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Sep 28, 2018

New hope for knees

Cartilage damage is a common concern for the active sports enthusiast, or anyone north of 50. Treatment options have been limited with moderate success, until now.  St. Joseph's orthopedic surgeons are involved in an international study that's...
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Sep 17, 2018

A Study of Facts to Counter the Fiction about Cannabis

A Study of Facts to Counter the Fiction about Cannabis St. Joe’s Experts Say More Research Needed on Driving High With cannabis legalization on the horizon, concerns over the particulars of cannabis sales and distribution seem to be the focus of...

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Sep 7, 2018

The Toll of Suicide

It was a first for playwright Andrew Lee, being commissioned to create a production. Add to the challenge the complex theme of suicide. “You put together a proposal and then say ‘oh no, now I actually have to figure out how to do...

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Aug 29, 2018

Think critically about cannabis use, expert says

Big business, pot advocates and recreational tokers may be eagerly counting the days until cannabis is legalized, but James MacKillop is feeling a little uneasy. MacKillop is director of the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research, a...

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Aug 23, 2018

Back to school: Top tips for nutrition

The start of a new school year is fast approaching and with summer and patio season also coming to a close it is a good time to reintroduce or develop some healthy habits. Eating balanced and nutritious meals throughout the day will help keep you...

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