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SJHH / Health Services/ Surgical Services/ Orthopedics


What this program does…

Fracture and Orthopaedic Clinic

  • The clinic serves the needs of our post-op orthopaedic patients with scheduled follow-up visits as well as other patients with orthopaedic injuries
  • Our clinic sees over 16,000 visits per year

Services Provided:

  • Casting and bracing acute fractures and injuries of the ligaments
  • Follow-up fracture care such as cast removal
  • Consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon
  • Post-operative follow-up care
  • Education support for hip, knee and back surgery
  • Osteoporosis screening and education

Although appointments are scheduled, the length of the visit may vary depending on the need for other tests and x-rays. Visits may last up to four hours

Some charges may apply for items such as foam walkers, splints and crutches

Regional Joint Assessment Program

  • The Regional Joint Assessment Program (RJAP) supports a chronic disease management model for Osteoarthritis for patients with lower extremity problems involving the hip and knee
  • The inter-professional health team assesses the patient and assists the patient in determining the best personalized treatment plan which may include either surgical or non-surgical treatment options up to and including joint replacement surgery if needed
  • Option of seeing the surgeon that the patient was referred to or next available surgeon, if surgery is deemed necessary by the team
  • To learn more about Joint Replacement Surgery, please visit

How this program helps...

Collectively our orthopaedic team has decades of experience in helping patients restore and maintain function of the muscles, joints ligaments, as quickly and as safely as possible

Your Care Team

  • Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Nurses
  • Radiology technicians
  • Unit clerks
  • Osteoporosis coordinator
  • Advanced Physiotherapist Practitioner


Contact Us: Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 3:45 pm
Closed on Statutory Holidays
ext: 33271 (Fracture Clinic)
ext: 32907 (Regional Joint Assessment Program)

Referral Process

Referrals are made by our orthopaedic surgeons as well as our Emergency Room physicians and local family doctors

Preparing for Your Visit

  • Always bring your Health Card
  • Bring any x-rays with you, usually loaded on a disc. A report is inadequate
  • Bring someone as an interpreter if needed
  • There is limited space in the waiting room and clinic. Please do not bring more than one visitor
  • Wear comfortable shoes and loose fitting comfortable clothes with no metal clips, zippers or snaps

We ask that you do not bring any valuables with you as the hospital cannot be responsible for lost or stolen personal items. 


This Outpatient Clinic is located on Level 1 of the St. Luke Wing at the St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Charlton Campus

Registration Procedures

Fracture Clinic

  • Please take a number from our automated dispensing machine and then take a seat in the waiting room until your number is called
  • Have your Health Card ready when your number is called

Regional Joint Assessment Program

  • Do not take a number; proceed directly to the registration desk

After Your Visit

You may be required to make another appointment for follow-up. Please stop by the Registration desk to make another appointment. If you are unable to make it to your appointment, please notify the Fracture Clinic as soon as possible. You may receive a bill for crutches, splints, foam walkers or steroid injections.

Additional Resources

For more information, please visit the useful links below:

Osteoporosis Canada - Provides up-to-date information on the risks, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis

The Arthritis Society of Canada - Provides information about types of arthritis, living with arthritis, educational materials and latest research

Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation – A charitable organization which provides information on bone and joint health, supports research, education and community care