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Seniors Mental Health Unit

COVID-19 Update

Please plan to attend your appointment, procedure or surgery as scheduled unless you are otherwise notified. During the pandemic, the hospital may be required to prioritize emergency and urgent cases, which may result in a change to your appointment. If this is the case, you will be contacted by a member of your care team. As always, our goal is to continue serving our community by providing quality hospital services for as long as it is safe and appropriate to do so during the pandemic.

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What this program does...

Forest 1 is a 12-bed assessment and treatment unit that provides a therapeutic environment for older adults whose recovery from psychiatric disease is complicated by age related issues.

Inclusion Criteria:

Adults aged 65 and older
Older Adults who present primarily with mood disorders and/or late onset psychosis, requiring inpatient service
Must have a clear goal and reason for inpatient services [ie. diagnostic clarification, management of risk (to self or others), life threatening severity of illness]

Exclusion Criteria:

Clients who can be managed on an outpatient basis (not requiring an inpatient admission)
Clients requiring resources beyond the capacity of the geriatric mental health setting (ie. Physically aggressive individuals that may impact the safety of the unit)
Patients with significant behavioral disturbances, associated with major neurocognitive disorder or traumatic brain injury
Critically medically compromised individuals
Clients requiring IV or other invasive medical interventions (ie. Tube feedings, central venous lines, etc.)
Clients with primary purpose of admission is acute detox
Referrals of clients for whom placement is the main issue

How this program helps...

Purpose/ Mission

The senior’s mental health program provides compassionate, quality care for older adults presenting with mental health concerns. The program is designed to support older adults’ optimal level of function, and empower them to achieve meaningful recovery through engagement in goal setting and wellness plans unique to their needs. We also offer therapeutic groups on the unit. Our goal is to help restore older adults to their role in the community wherever possible and work with our community partners to ensure excellent care transitions.

Your Care Team

Our dedicated team of health care professionals includes: geriatric psychiatrists/psychiatrists, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapist, psychologist, rehabilitation assistant, social worker, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, dietician, and speech language pathologist.


Sarah Kilpatrick, Social Worker
905-522-1155 ext. 36848

Referral Process

All requests for admission should be faxed to the units’ fax number: 905-521-6171

An individual’s referral is considered complete when the following documentation has been received:

  1. A completed specialized mental health program form.
  2. All requested supporting information, that is outlined on the referral form
  3. The referral source will receive an acceptance or decline of request for inpatient services within 3 business days. If you have not heard from us within this timeframe, please follow up with the status of your referral (see Contact information). If coming from a hospital outside our LHIN service or long-term care home, a service agreement will be signed prior to being admitted.

Preparing for Your Visit

Length of stay will vary by individual needs as determined by the health care team.
Patients should bring several changes of clothes for the week. Laundry machines are available on unit.

Patients are to bring their own toiletries, and personal hygiene supplies.
Please bring any required assistive devices (ie. walker, wheelchair, cane, hearing aids, glasses, good walking shoes, etc.)

Maps and Directions

Forest 1: Seniors Mental Health, Level 1
St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
100 West 5th Street
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 3K7

View West 5th Campus map and driving directions

*Please go to Security desk on level 1, to ask for directions to Forest 1