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SJHH / Coronavirus/ Smize for St. Joe's

Smize for St. Joe's

Participate in #SmizeForStJoes by capturing your best Smize (smiling with your eyes)! Share who's behind the mask and give a shout-out to your friends and supporters.  

Get Social Behind Your Mask 

During COVID-19, a new norm is seeing others with a mask on, which covers faces and expression. We're asking our healthcare workers and the community to tell us what/who made you smize today and share a selfie with your mask on to give them a shout-out! Use this as an opportunity to spread the love and show your appreciation for others.

Step 1: Take a selfie by yourself wearing a mask and post on social media capturing your best smize! Click here for tips on how to wear a mask properly. No mask? No problem! Use our custom sticker to add to your selfie. Scroll down for instructions.

Step 2: Describe what/who made you smize today in your post.

Step 3: Use Twitter of Instagram to post your selfie. Be sure to use the hashtag #SmizeForStJoes and tag @StJoesHamilton

No mask? No problem. Here's how to add a mask sticker to your selfie:

1: Click here or the graphic below to download the mask sticker to your phone.

2: Follow the below instructions for your iOS or Android device.