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Information for Referring Physicians

Tips for talking to patients about their appointment

Update on April 9th, 2021: Effective Monday, April 12, St. Joe's will be ramping down some elective surgeries. All cancer and transplant surgeries, and all emergency and urgent surgeries will continue. Patients will be notified if their surgery or procedure has been rescheduled. They do not need to contact the hospital.  

Here are some tips for patients about their appointment:

  • Throughout the pandemic, hospitals have been delivering urgent and emergent care, with clinicians constantly evaluating the care needs of people who are waiting and moving individuals into the urgent and emergent categories as needed.
  • The hospital remains a safe place to come for care.
  • Everyone is screened for COVID-19 upon entry and given a mask to wear at all times.
  • Patients who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 prior to an appointment are instructed to call the hospital ahead of time.
  • We have implemented measures to ensure physical distancing, hand hygiene and increased cleaning of the environment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Patients who have concerns about their health status should contact their clinic or family physician’s office for guidance.

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