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COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Everyone at St. Joe's

Do you have questions about the vaccine?

Many healthcare workers have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. It’s really important that you understand the vaccine and have your questions answered. 

Common questions include:

Is there an increased risk of blood clots with certain vaccines?

There’s lots of research exploring this question, which is why there’s so much in the news about it, and why there have been stops and starts to utilizing certain vaccines in some areas. For easy to follow information to answer that question, read more. 

Will the vaccine impact my fertility?

There is currently no scientific evidence that any of the COVID-19 vaccines can affect fertility. Read more.

How do the vaccines work? Should I get a particular vaccine?

The purpose of all COVID-19 vaccines is to imitate the virus without making you sick. That way, your immune system can recognize the COVID-19 virus and stop future infections. Read more.

Where can I get information for friends and family when they ask me about the vaccine?

The Centre for Effective Practice developed a guide for healthcare providers to answer questions about COVID-19 vaccines. Read more.

Get answers to these questions and more from external experts

Click here for easy to follow information, including links to external expert resources, Frequently Asked Questions and toolkits. 

Do you have more questions that you want to ask directly?

Sign up for a Vaccine Conversation

Click here to sign up for a Vaccine Conversation

Note: The confidential conversations are for St. Joe's, St. Joseph's Villa and St. Joseph's Home Care staff, physicians and learners ONLY. Please use your St. Joe's Hospital, Villa, Home Care, Medportal, McMaster or Mohawk email address when signing up. 

New dates and times are added regularly to the SignUp platform, so please check back frequently.

Some healthcare workers wish they had someone to ask these questions to directly. If that’s you, sign up now for a confidential Vaccine Conversation – a 20-minute Zoom conversation with a St. Joe’s physician who can answer vaccine questions.

These conversations are a safe space for staff to ask any vaccine-related question they wish and receive straightforward information to help make an informed decision. These are confidential, non-judgmental conversations that are tailored to address individual concerns. All you need to sign up is to provide your first name and then dial into the Zoom link provided at the scheduled time.

Participating St. Joe's Physicians

Dr. Jill Rudkowski
Dr. Ciaran Scallan
Dr. Erick Duan
Dr. Zahira Khalid
Dr. Rajendar Hanmiah
What you need to know about booking a Vaccine Conversation
  • In order to schedule a vaccine conversation, you will receive scheduling information (appointment confirmation and a Zoom link) by email.
  • In order to confirm your affiliation with St. Joe’s, we ask that you please sign up with your St. Joe’s email address.
    • Due to the fact that this initiative is currently only available for St. Joe’s physicians, learners and staff - if you do not sign up with your St. Joe’s email address and we are unable to validate your affiliation with the hospital, you may be contacted by email for confirmation.
  • We take all reasonable steps to ensure the ongoing privacy and security of our virtual sessions, however, there are inherent privacy and security associated with electronic communications or virtual care visits. If you have any questions or concerns prior to engaging in a Vaccine Conversation, please feel free to email
  • is a third party system, as such, we cannot guarantee the privacy or security of the information you submit using that system.
  • Vaccine conversations will not be recorded nor documented in a staff member's OHS file or SJHH legal medical record.
  • If you do not wish to schedule by using, please contact: Reesa Campbell.
  • To cancel your appointment, please contact: Reesa Campbell.