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COVID-19 Vaccine for St. Joe's Staff, Physicians and Learners

Click here to sign up for a St. Joe's staff/physician/learner vaccine appointment. 

Click here for a tip sheet on completing the St. Joe's staff, physician and learner COVID-19 vaccine sign up. 

Expanding COVID-19 vaccine among hospital healthcare workers

Hamilton’s two hospital systems are working tirelessly with the Province of Ontario and Hamilton Public Health to ensure that frontline healthcare workers get prompt access to the COVID-19 vaccine. 
Getting vaccinated can help reduce the chance of getting ill with COVID and the possibility of severe medical complications from the infection. It also helps protect the people around us – our patients, co-workers and our families – and benefits the whole community.

Vaccination planning for hospital healthcare workers

The plan is to significantly increase the number of vaccines given to hospital healthcare workers, while continuing to provide vaccines to LTC and RH staff. HHS and SJHH are together working to schedule our staff, physicians, residents and learners for vaccinations beginning January 7.
The government’s goal is to have all hospital healthcare workers (staff, physicians and residents/learners) vaccinated by the end of March. The plan being rolled out by HHS and SJHH will accomplish this based on anticipated vaccine supplies.
Hospital healthcare workers will receive the vaccine based on the government’s ethical and prioritization frameworks, in this order:
  • Group 1: those at highest risk of COVID exposure at work 
  • Group 2: those working with vulnerable patients at high risk
  • Group 3: those working in all other clinical areas (patient facing)
  • Group 4: all other hospital workers.
What you need to do
Here’s what you need to do:  
  • We are asking every hospital healthcare worker to sign up for the vaccine
  • Click the orange button above to sign up online.
  • You will be asked about which of the four priority groups you fit into. Find out more here.
  • The four priority groups will be done in order. As more vaccines are made available, more people will be vaccinated.
  • Healthcare workers from each priority group will be placed into a randomized selection process to determine who will get the vaccine each day. 
  • You will be contacted for scheduling when your name is selected.
It’s important to note that everyone who wants to get the vaccine will get it.
What you need to know
Here’s what you need to know: 
  • If you are selected and do not accept the appointment, or miss the appointment, you will be put back into the randomized process.
  • Some people will get appointments during their shifts, some will get them on their days off. 
  • We encourage everyone to take the appointment you are given to get the vaccine as quickly as possible. 
  • Units will support the timing of these appointments as much as possible. If you are scheduled to work on the date/time of your vaccine appointment, please let your manager know as soon as possible.
We recognize this may not be a perfect system, but it is the best way to ensure healthcare workers caring for the most vulnerable patients, are vaccinated against COVID-19 as quickly as possible.

Vaccination timelines

  • Beginning January 7, all individuals from the highest priority group who have signed up, will be put through a randomized selection process.
  • When the clinic is running at full capacity, we expect several hundred staff, physicians and residents from SJHH and HHS will be vaccinated daily.
  • That process will be repeated each day until every person who has signed up receives the vaccine in priority order.
  • Timelines will be based on vaccine supply and may be subject to any changes in provincial guidelines. 
  • Based on the clinic’s capacity and individuals’ ability to attend their appointment, there may be days where the system will pull names of staff/physicians from a lower priority group. This is to ensure we use all the clinic bookings.
Regardless of where you are in the priority groups, we ask that you sign up now, since we want to go through these groups as quickly as possible, and may be adding those from other phases at any point.

Residual doses and “standby” list

Additionally, there will continue to be residual doses of the vaccine at the end of each day, and we will be calling some people on the standby list at the last minute to ensure there is no waste of the vaccine, so that we can vaccinate our hospital workers as quickly as possible.
We anticipate that all hospital staff, physicians and learners who wish to receive the vaccine, will get an appointment by the end of March.

Additional information

Vaccination is highly recommended for all staff, physicians, residents and learners for whom the vaccine is deemed safe. However, receiving the vaccine is voluntary.
Click here to download, print and read the consent form. You will be asked to sign the consent form on site. 
If you have any questions about receiving the vaccine, please connect with your healthcare provider in advance. If you have additional questions, the clinicians at the vaccination clinic will be available.

Please remember to bring your health card to your vaccination appointment.