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SJHH / Coronavirus/ COVID 2 years: feeling thankful and hopeful

2 Years of COVID-19: Feeling Thankful and Hopeful

Why St. Joe’s is feeling thankful and hopeful as we mark two years of COVID

It’s been two years since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and feelings of frustration, fatigue and even apathy are normal. But one feeling is more common among our community than any other. We hear it from patients, family members, volunteers, staff, community members, leaders and politicians. That feeling is gratitude. It eclipses every other emotion we have experienced since March 2020. Gratitude is the shining light that keeps our community forging ahead, supporting one another.

But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself in this video from our community showing their immense gratitude for our healthcare workers. We encourage you to share your own words of thanks using #WeAreStJoes.

Contributing to our community

We’ve reached incredible milestones in the collective response to keep our community safe against COVID-19. See what we’re most proud of:

Reflection from Spiritual Care at St. Joe’s*

God of All People,
Today we mark two years of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, and through it all, we have heard you …
Call us to recognize anew each day how we belong to each other.
You call us to recommit each day to serving one another.
You call us to use our minds, our hearts and our hands to build a better world together.
Spirit of Wisdom and Compassion, we ask that you …
Renew our minds with your call to humble learning and service.
Refresh our hearts with your call to equity and integrity of community.
Reignite our spirits with your call to justice for all people.

Spirit of Righteousness and Justice,
(this pandemic has helped us to see more clearly) the structures that perpetuate inequity.
Make us humble as we lean in to listen and learn what we still do not know.
Make of us steady allies and advocates, using the strength of our shared ministry for the good of your people.

Spirit of Hope,
You give us strength and resilience to move forward into a better tomorrow.
As we grieve our losses, celebrate our accomplishments and express gratitude for all we have learned over the past two years, may we continue to be inspired by the dedication, commitment and compassion we have shown to one another and carry these values into our future, together.

 *This reflection will be shared at all St. Joe’s campuses and we encourage others to use these words in their own reflections.


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