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Our Executive Team

A Message from Leadership

Modern health care in Canada started with a promise of universal access to the best medicine possible. At St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, we have a unique opportunity to renew that promise by reimagining it for the 21st century. Our legacy demands we see this opportunity as our obligation. In the spirit of our founders who challenged convention and perceptions by welcoming all regardless of means or need, renewing the promise of health care for all is our purpose. At St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, we are teachers, innovators, explorers and always healers; caring for the mind, body and spirit of every patient, especially those who suffer the indignity of stigma and exclusion. By blending science, education and compassion in appropriate measure, we will focus on transforming care, breaking down barriers and creating new partnerships to ensure the sustainability of our ideas.
Health Care for Canadians is about far more than universal access. It is a promise of healing mind, body, and spirit, inclusive of all, and especially for those most in need. Just as important, it is about the amazing things that will happen when science and compassion are united in a common purpose. But while great minds and dedicated individuals across our health care system continue their good work, we are challenged to do better in a rapidly changing world. We will need to transform, to innovate, to collaborate, to break down barriers, and to engage our people, our patients, and their families as we redefine the status quo.
That is a challenge we at St. Joe’s are willing to take on.
We will accept responsibility for mobilizing change as we reaffirm the promise of universal, compassionate, dignified and sustainable care.
At St. Joe’s in Hamilton, our purpose is to renew the promise of health care for the 21st century.
We’re starting here and now – and we welcome you to join in our pursuit.
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Executive Team Members

Ms. Elizabeth Buller

Ms. Melissa Farrell

Dr. Cheryl Williams
Executive Vice President Clinical Operations and Chief Nursing Executive

Mr. John Aldis
Senior Vice President, Finance and Corporate Services

Dr. Sarah Jarmain
Vice President Medical and Academic Affairs and Chief of Staff

Dr. Greg Rutledge
Chief of Emergency Medicine and Deputy Chief of Staff

Dr. Azim Gangji
Vice President Education 

Dr. Lehana Thabane
Vice President Research 

Mr. Rick Badzioch
Vice President, Clinical Programs 

Ms. Carrie Fletcher
Vice President, People, Culture and Diversity

Ms. Tara Coxon
Vice President and Chief Information Officer 

Ms. Karen Langstaff
Chief Facility Planning and Patient Support Services

Ms. Franca Vavaroutsos
Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Wendy Lawrence
Chief, Risk and Legal and Privacy Officer

Ms. Agnes Bongers
Chief Communications Officer