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Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy

To enhance accountability and transparency across the healthcare industry, Ontario’s hospitals and Local Health Integration Networks are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy [FIPPA] Act.

The act is comprised of two principals of equal weight:

  1. Freedom of Information. This principal allows the public has the right of access to all recorded administrative, financial and general information in the custody and control of St. Joseph’s Healthcare dating from January 1, 2007 forward, subject to exclusions and specific and limited exemptions. If you wish to submit a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, please see our formal request process here.
  2. The Protection of Privacy provisions of the Act regulate the collection, use, disclosure, security and retention of personal information held by the St. Joseph’s Healthcare and provides individuals with the right of access to that information.  Note that personal health information; i.e., the medical record is excluded from FIPPA; however access to one’s record may be obtained by contacting the health record department and completing the Access to Personal Health Information Form.

Records not accessible under the Act include:

  • Personal health information (under PHIPA)
  • Quality of care information (under QCIPA)
  • Ecclesiastical records of an affiliated church or religious organization
  • Operations of a hospital foundation 
  • Administrative records of regulated health professional, re: personal practice
  • Charitable donations made to the hospital
  • Certain labour relations, employment matters 
  • Certain appointment, privileging matters 
  • Certain records respecting or associated with research
  • Certain records of teaching materials