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External Review & Corporate Information

Prevention of Violence 

Dear Community members:

St. Joseph’s requested an external peer review in the spring of 2016 after a series of incidents of aggression and violence against staff last winter. We recognized that we needed an objective outside perspective to supplement the work we were continuing internally.

The reviewers were asked to look at policies and practices, training and education, models of care and best practices to care for patients with a history of violence, and the impact that has on staff and client safety. The three reviewers are all respected specialists in mental health, and understand the complex needs of this patient population.

The reviewers reported that St. Joseph’s “has taken strong and effective action to enhance safety for staff and patients” and “responded to the recent cluster of incidents swiftly and effectively.” However, we regard this report and our current initiatives as a foundation and we recognize that ongoing continuous improvement will be required in our efforts to enhance safety for our staff and patients. We will be considering further initiatives to supplement the work currently underway.

The report has six categories of recommendations. St. Joseph’s accepts all of these recommendations and has already implemented many of them, and is well underway in planning or implementing others. This is an ambitious plan, and an important one to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is committed to providing a safe and respectful workplace and care environment, and to treating our employees and patients with respect, dignity, and sensitivity.
Violence is never acceptable and St. Joseph’s is working with its staff to become a leader in workplace safety.

Click below to find the full External Peer Review, as well as Recommendations and Strategies outlining the work on each recommendation,

Recommendations and Strategies
External Peer Review: *Status Update March 2017

Dr. David Higgins,

President St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

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