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Executive Contracts & Expenses

Components of St. Joseph's Healthcare Executive Compensation Program

Item Explanation President* VPs
Total Compensation (Reported on 2010 Salary Disclosure) Compensation is determined based on performance measured against goals set the prior year, survey material for similar positions for teaching hospitals in the province of Ontario and cost of living data from government sources. $500K $264K-$265K
Compensation at Risk 10%-5% is held Each year 10%-5% of the President’s and Vice President’s compensation is placed at risk.  Base salaries are reduced by the appropriate amount and the at risk portion is held pending the achievement of goals and objectives as  outlined in the Hospital’s Quality Improvement Plan. 10% 5%
Benefits Health, life insurance and disability benefits through Hospital's group plan. Same Same
Auto Allowance An annual allowance is provided to the President and Vice Presidents to offset the costs of business related transportation. $700 $600-$700
Severance Severance is only provided upon termination to mitigate financial loss until another position can be found.

There is no voluntary resignation allowance or retirement allowance provided.
12 months 12 months
Parking  Follow the Hospital policy. Parking is paid for by the Senior Leader.
RRSP Contributions Mortgage Assistance
Club Membership
 No Senior Leader has any other financial assistance or club membership built into their executive contract.

*        President, Dr. David Higgins
**      Executive Vice President Clinical Services, Mental Health & Additions and Chief Nursing Executive - Ms. Winnie Doyle

Executive Contracts

Please note, to ensure transparency, for some executives we have provided both their initial employment contract, as well as a supplementary employment contract. The supplementary document outlines their current compensation arrangements and is reflective of changes in hospital accountability legislation including the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA) and Broader Public Sector Accountability Act (BPSAA).

Dr. David Higgins, President
  1/2 - 2/2
Ms. Winnie Doyle, Executive VP Clinical Services, Mental Health & Addictions and Chief Nursing Executive
  1/2 - 2/2

Ms. Susan Hollis, Vice President, Business & Therapeutic Services; Chief Financial Officer
  1/2 - 2/2

Dr. Judy Hunter, Vice President, People & Organizational Effectiveness

Ms. Tara Coxon, Chief Information Officer

Executive Expenses

The travel, meal and hospitality expense claims of all St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton Executive Team Members and are posted on a semi-annual basis. To review the expense postings, click here.

For questions regarding this information, please contact the Public Affairs Department at 905-522-1155 ext. 39152 or email