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Innovative Technology

re•fresh Technology

In 2014, we launched re•fresh Technology, our Information and Communication technologies strategy with this vision:
Strategic investments in health information technology enable a culture of collaboration and excellence through the use of proven and innovative technologies that meet the changing needs of our community.

Download and view a PDF of re•fresh Technology.

By implementing re•fresh as our information technology health strategy, we will work to renew a promise: to bring together the most advanced technology and education to transform healthcare for the future. We will accomplish all of these things supported by a visionary approach to information technology. The following projects have been either adopted or launched in the spirit of the re•fresh Technology strategy:

The VUE is a digital application that will assist in improving the flow of patients within the hospital by providing real-time status of the inpatient beds at Charlton Campus. This tool will assist staff in visualizing all beds and will also help the team proactively manage congestion points and allow problem solving to be active. The VUE was developed by Oculys, a health care software developer based in Waterloo.

Digital Order Sets
Digital Order Sets works like a secure online medical checklist, developed internally based on evidence-based practice, ensuring that the entire healthcare team knows what has been completed and what must be done next to keep our patients safe. Digital Order Sets is expected to enhance patient safety by improving antimicrobial stewardship, minimizing errors and enabling appropriate coordinated care. Quality of care is expected to be improved through the adoption of best practice and standardization.

Learn more about Digital Order Sets

PatientLink is a digital outpatient system that improves health outcomes, leads to better patient experiences, and provides system-wide access to patient information of the entire Hamilton health community. PatientLink is a collaboration between St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and Hamilton Health Sciences. To learn more about PatientLink, visit