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Nov 19, 2014

Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body either cannot produce insulin or cannot properly use the insulin it produces. Do you know that more than 20 people in Canada are newly diagnosed with Diabetes every hour of every day?  The odds are that...
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Nov 18, 2014

Tackling Depression: Focus on Hormones and Mood

On Friday November 28, 2014, a group of mental health leaders in women’s health concerns and mood disorders will be hosting an event for physicians and healthcare professionals focusing on hormones and Mood.  Tackling Depression: Focus on...

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Nov 18, 2014

An Increased Service for Emergency Mental Health Care in Hamilton

The Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team; a partnership between Hamilton Police Services and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is once again proving its positive impact in Hamilton. This year-old joint partnership pairs a specially trained patrol...

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Friday, December 05, 2014 at 07:30 PM

Hamilton Bulldogs Military Appreciation Night